The US military is at the grim climax that Dr Gerald Atkinson, CDR USN (Ret.) warned of decades ago.

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The premise of this site is that our constitutional republic is in trouble. This situation is usually exemplified by the signal of distress on the high seas — the inverted national flag. This was the situation during the Clinton/Gore years. You will notice that the flag has been placed in its upright position as a result of the year-2000 presidential election. This may be only a temporary reprieve. Time will tell. Meanwhile, there is much to be done to repair the damage. The material presented here aims to restore our republic to the status which emboldened our Founding Fathers to sacrifice their reputations, fortunes, families, and lives for our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The New Totalitarians

This site is dedicated to the exposition of those who would impose a new form of authoritarian control over Americans who have enjoyed and celebrated their freedom for over 225 years. In this endeavor, books and other means of informing the public will be presented here.

Chaos Theory and Generations Every subject addressed on this Web Site is grounded in the study of the history of America’s people, the generations which come along every 22 or so years, each of which represent a different ‘peer personality’ which interacts with the Social Moments that are thrust upon them in their trajectory through history. The connection between this generational picture and Chaos Theory, the science of surprise, is explained at the link above. This is not some ‘kooky’ New Age revelation of the ‘truth.’ It is a reasoned factual account of the connection between America’s history and the new science of Chaos Theory — all taken within the context of the ‘virtue’ tradition of Christianity.

The connections made here suggest a plausible metaphor for much of what we see unfolding around us — the 11 September terrorist attack on America, the culture war that America has been fighting with itself over the past 30-odd years, and all of what we have been seeing on our TV screens, newspaper headlines, and popular culture during the 1990s. The metaphor is a means of explaining the three threats to America’s future, as I began to see it and write about it in 1994 — decay and dissolution from within, state sponsored terrorism, and China.

Radical feminism, racial bigotry and affirmative action, the ‘cloning of the American mind’ in our public K-12 schools and universities, the ‘feminization’ of our politics, our military, our traditional religious establishments, indeed, our entire American civilization are ‘threads’ in this fabric we call American civilization. Diversity has been made our New Age religion, dressed in the language of ‘multiculturalism,’ an alien concept to the principles established by our Founding Fathers.

At the link above (and directly in this paragraph) you will find access to two book reviews that have been published in my new Eternal Vigilance journal. Please read these reviews (after you have read the introductory explanation of their connection to Chaos Theory) to understand how I make the connections described above. The books reviewed are seminal histories of America’s future. The books, ‘Generations: the History of America’s Future,’ and ‘The Fourth Turning, were written in the 1990s by the historians William Strauss and Neil Howe. The reviews on this Web Site introduce you to their ‘generational’ approach to our history. These are two very important books to read in light of recent events and the history of our last 30 years.

Eternal Vigilance: A Journal of American Culture. Choose this link to learn what motivated Dr. G.L.Atkinson, CDR USN (Ret.) to publish a new bi-monthly journal. When the U.S. Navy sent him to a leading university to earn a postgraduate degree, he became quite familiar with the elites of a generation who ‘loathed’ the military — and the norms of Western civilization. These power elites now control every institution in the land. This new journal deals with all of the agenda issues that this power elite has foisted on America over the past three decades; radical feminism, ‘cultural Marxism,’ affirmative action and a host of other topics. Education, jurisprudence, religion, media, government, politics, military and other cultural institutions of our American civilization are analyzed. View a summary of the journal at this link. For a FREE 35-page catalog of books, video and audio cassettes, and past issues of this journal, click on Free Catalog.

America is at War: Choose this link for a series of essays dealing with the war on Jihadistan — against Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and against Iraq to ensure that weapons of mass destruction do not become instruments of terror in the hands of irrational fundamentalists who would use them to cause grave harm to Americans in the future. The Cold War was fought and won without an exchange of such weapons, but this is a different situation. Although a dedicated ideological enemy, the leaders of the Soviet Union were considered to be practical men who were rational and would not indiscriminately and without cause launch weapons of mass destruction against Americans and our homeland. We have no such confidence in the enemy leadership, Islamists who are dedicated to carrying out a war of terror with global reach.

Women-in-Combat: A Series of Essays and Commentary.

Choose this link to learn the status of the current New Age social experiment with women-in-combat and the feminization of our nation’s armed forces. Tailhook ‘91 was a signal event for opening the doors to women in our nation’s combat arms. In spite of a Presidential Commission Report advising against lifting the female exclusion, President Clinton ordered it lifted in 1993 and the services rushed to comply in 1994 — especially the U.S. Navy. How is this social engineering experiment progressing? What has it accomplished in improving our military’s combat readiness? What internal friction has it caused? How has it affected morale in our nation’s armed forces? What has its affect been on imbuing young men with a ‘warrior spirit’ required to fight and win our nation’s wars? Find the answers in the essays found at this link.

The Jessica Lynch Corner: Choose this link for essays that provide insight into the ambush of the 507th Maintenance Company and the exploits of Pfc. Jessica Lynch, a teenage soldier in the support ‘tail’ of our nation’s New Age all-volunteer Army. Her courage in the face of Iraqi brutality and torture while held captive has been an inspiration to all Americans. Read here how she and her comrades were trained in the Clintons’ attempt to ‘socialize’ our armed forces. Learn of the ‘fuzzy’ details of her injuries, and how they are consistent with Islamic law and torture methods both as carried out on Johnny Spann in Afghanistan and on Iraqi citizens themselves by the Saddam Fedayeen in Iraq — her captors and interrogators in the Nasiriyah hospital from which she was rescued in a daring raid by U.S. Special Operations Forces and Rangers.

An account is provided of the strong and stalwart character of her family and the background of the region from which she came — it has a strong connection to the American Founding through Wirt Count, WV to Patrick Henry. The Lynch family members are, indeed, Patrick Henry’s people. It is a region where patriotism and prayer are fundamental core concepts.

Read an account of how radical feminists and their accomplices in the military, the media and in our government are carrying out a campaign of disinformation to create for Jessica Lynch the aura of the Mythical Modern American War Hero. All in an attempt to use her, without her consent and without her cooperation, to champion their agenda to completely ‘feminize’ our armed forces.

Empire: This is a place-saver for the topic of what some have called the new American ‘imperium.’ America has gravitated, since the end of World War II, to the position of the world’s greatest economic power — thanks to our founding in freedom and the encouragement of entrepreneurial enterprise. At the end of the Cold War, America ‘lurched’ by default into what many describe as the ‘world’s only superpower.’ The hubris of such a claim has planted the seeds for a rude awakening to reality. This attitude has led crass politicians to lead us into military intervention in places (Bosnia, Kosovo) which have absolutely no geopolitical importance to our national security. It has guided these same politicos to alter our initial ‘openings’ to China — originally intended to help ‘neutralize’ the grasp for world power by the Soviet Union — in order to serve their greed for monetary political contributions. In so doing, they have simply ‘given away’ the American market and ‘ownership’ of our nation’s ‘means of production and national debt to the point of future insolvency. In their shortsighted greed for power, these same politicians attempt to burden future generations with an unrealistic indebtedness in order to finance the impossible social security promises made in the 1930s.

While I have addressed this topic only from the standpoint of a cultural Marxist threat to our republic (See the Empire book review at this link), there is a growing body of thought by historians and commentators who are actively pushing for America to claim and take on the role of Empire. Niall Ferguson, the Scottish historian, encourages us to take on the role of empire on the scale and in the form of the previous British Empire. Irving Kristol, a founder of the neoconservative movement in America (and a former Trotskyite), has written of and promoted the ‘Emerging American Imperium’ since the mid-1990s. Kristol argues that ‘like the Soviet Union of yesteryear, the United States of today has an identity that is ideological...Therefore, in addition to more material concerns and complicated geopolitical calculations of national interest, the United States inevitably has ideological interests and that is why we feel it necessary to defend Israel today when its survival is threatened.’

This debate must be engaged by all thoughtful Americans. The current shooting war with Islamic terrorists of global reach must be won. But there is much deeper thinking to be done (for example, see the Eternal Vigilance text at this link) before America embarks on a path to Empire by conquest and military force. We must understand that the strategy of ‘forward military presence’ does not require America to deny its founding principles and the wise counsel of George Washington and our Founding Fathers who warned of ‘foreign entanglements.’

This section of the Web Site and the Eternal Vigilance journal will address these matters.

The Looming American Matriarchy: Choose this link for access to a series of essays, comments, and analyses addressing the seemingly unstoppable power of a distributed network of revolutionaries who are turning American culture upside down. It is the story of the Looming American Matriarchy — feminism gone awry. The story is told in the form of nine issues of the Eternal Vigilance journal, two published during the last half of 2006 and the rest during 2007 and 2008. Read them here FREE of charge. They are downloadable in Adobe Acrobat pdf format and may be read and printed with software that is readily available on the Internet with no charge and comes with most PC operating systems.

The first issue addresses the basic nature of today’s feminism. Feminism is an ideology, that is, the theorizing of a visionary or impractical nature. It is so because it incorporates a political agenda which makes it impervious to empirical evidence. It, like all such ideologies (e.g. nihilism, Marxism) is very dangerous. It is based on false assumptions and supported by flawed ‘studies.’ It is spread by ‘mythologies.’ W. Edward Chynoweth’s book, ‘Masquerade: The Feminist Illusion,’ is reviewed in this issue. His Guest Essay, entitled, ‘Women at West Point,’ is also featured.

The second issue of the journal in the series addresses Chynoweth’s search for a ‘right order of being’ between the sexes. He believes that “While the mystery of sexual right order can be daunting, the clues are everywhere. Our childhood, our parents and siblings; our school days and lessons; our adolescence and adulthood — life’s experience; our families, our work, loves, and passions; literature, daily news, science, chemistry, biology, physiology; traditions and customs: culture.” He combs the historical record from the ancient Greeks to the English Enlightenment to our Founding Fathers to provide common sense reasoning to the need for a ‘right order’ for the sexes. This issue also contains a review of Harvey C. Mansfield’s book, ‘Manliness.’ Mansfield attacks Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan, and the current wave of feminists by revealing their Nietzschean nihilism and Marxist alienation. He concludes that “The problem of manliness is not that it does not exist. It does exist, but it is unemployed.” Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson, in an Editorial Comment, leans on Ralph de Toledano (‘Cry Havoc!’) to explain how this alien ideology crept into American culture over the past four decades.

The third issue of the journal in the series reveals the direct attack by radical feminists on the family via the hysterical prosecution of thousands of parents and grandparents during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. Overzealous prosecutors and Child Protective Services social workers, aided and abetted by phony investigators, ‘experts’ who planted false memories of sexual abuse in the minds of young children, colluded to indict, prosecute, and imprison completely innocent citizens. The Wenatchee witch hunt debacle is an example. The names of the falsely accused and imprisoned — Grant Snowden, the Amirault family, and many others — are legion. Janet Reno, the Clintons’ choice for Attorney General in the 1990s, won fame with the feminists and built her resume on the backs of several of these miscarriages of justice. Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson , in an Editorial Comment, describes how these horrors came to pass. Harvey C. Mansfield’s Guest Essay provides his common sense ideas for ‘A New Feminism.’

The fourth issue (a preview of which is at the link: Rempt-Rape) of this series addresses other flagrant misuses of the legal system via the feminist attack on innocent men falsely accused of rape. The now notorious Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, which did not go to trial, involved a terribly flawed prosecution by Michael Nifong of three Duke Lacrosse players. The outrageous prosecutorial errors in the handling of this case have resulted in the hatching of a new verb in our American lexicon — ‘to Nifong.’ An astute columnist has proposed that we can “Nifong” someone when we want to trump up criminal charges based on flimsy evidence allegedly for political purposes. In short when we want to screw up someone’s life. This issue uses the Duke Rape Case as a yardstick with which to measure the equally outrageous prosecution of Lamar Owens, a former Naval Academy football star, for the falsely alleged rape of a character-flawed female midshipman and when declared ‘not guilty’ by a military court martial was held in limbo for over 13 months by the Naval Academy Superintendent, VADM Rodney P. Rempt, before final disposition by the Secretary of the Navy. This case will surely result in a new verb in the American lexicon — ‘Rempt Rape.’ That is, one is Rempt-Raped when his name, honor, character, and future have been destroyed by a male or female agent of the radical feminist matriarchy — a superior officer whose position and power is used to further his or her career at the expense of justice in a case of a false sexual accusation by a female.

The fifth issue — May/June 2007 — of the journal in this series addresses the question of “What Has the Feminist Movement Accomplished for the Rest of Us?” In addition, Guest Essays probe in depth into the concerns that Naval Academy alumni have with regard to the injustice visited on Midshipman Lamar Owens by the superintendent, VADM Rodney Rempt. Two commentaries give us an ‘inside’ look at the arrogant manner, bordering on contempt, in which he holds those alumni who graduated in the mid-1940s, who fought and won the Battle of the Pacific in World War II. Another commentary reveals that VADM Rempt has eviscerated the Honor Code at the Academy in his quest to carry out ADM Michael Mullen’s New Age Navy Diversity Strategy at the Academy. Another surprising commentary reveals an attitude toward a convening authority’s near dictatorial power over courts-martial in the Marine Corps by a former commandant — one described by a reviewer as that of a CONFESSOR.

The sixth issue — July/August 2007 — of the journal in this series, entitled “The Pretenders: A Failure of Admiralship,” parallels a critique by Lt. Col. Paul Yingling in an Armed Forces Journal article entitled, “A failure of generalship. The situation in today’s Navy is even worse than described by Lt. Col. Yingling, who presents damning evidence of the Army’s failure. Although aimed at the current war in Iraq and the underlying strategy of the U.S. Army there, it has far greater implications of guilt. A similar failure of high-level leadership is apparent in the U.S. Navy — from top to the bottom, to the Naval Academy and from there to the recently appointed commander of the U.S. Central Command, responsible for our overall military engagement in the Middle East. This admiralship has been mercilessly ‘sensitivity trained,’ flooded with a tsunami of ‘white guilt,’ ‘male guilt,’ and subjected to other psychological conditioning over the past two decades to the point where they are completely mentally and intellectually dominated by those same ‘counter-culture’ revolutionaries — now several decades aged since their young adulthood upheaval — who are still dedicated to carrying their revolution to completion. In this issue we learn of the new Navy Diversity Strategy that will lift ‘diversity’ over safety as a priority in the future. And that ‘diversity’ means recruitment, retention, and promotion of ‘females’ over ‘minorities’ and ‘minorities’ over white males. The Chief of Naval Operations, ADM Michael Mullen, has implemented this ‘diversity’ strategy in the U.S. Navy. And now we learn that he has been nominated to become the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, primarily on the basis of his ‘strategic vision’ to lead America’s armed forces. America’s military ‘Jena’ looms in our future, as predicted by Lt. Col. Yingling, if ADM Mullen’s strategic ‘diversity’ strategy comes to fruition in our Armed Forces. Read this issue and become aware. Be warned!

The seventh issue — September/October 2007 — of the journal in this series addresses the origins of the modern ‘diversity’ movement. It traces the movement in the U.S. Navy and in our broader society as well. It attempts to tie the loose ends of this subject together as it relates to the Looming American Matriarchy and the ‘counter-culture’ revolution of which it is a part.Whereas the previous issue of this journal revealed the surprising depth to which the modern idea of ‘diversity’ has wormed its way deep into the heart and soul of the U.S. Navy, and with the appointment of ADM Michael G. Mullen to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — eventually into the entire military — this issue attempts to understand this phenomenon — its essence, origins, adherents, and purpose. We are fortunate to have a seminal book on this subject (see the book review on pp. 8). That book provides an in-depth treatment of ‘diversity’ as a modern ideology. The interesting aspect of this treatment is the striking parallel of the ‘excesses’ of the French Revolution with the New Age ideology of ‘diversity.’ One can imagine the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the counterpart of Robespierre — the Fool as Revolutionary — and Midshipman Lamar Owens and the hundreds of naval officer ‘warriors’ who have been ‘purged’ over the past two decades and are still being purged as the counterpart of the innocent Catholic priests who were put to the guillotine and drowned on barges in the wake of the blood bath of the Reign of Terror in France in 1789.

When will the modern day Robespierres find their just end? It may be likely that the same forces that are alive and boiling under the surface in America — those forces that forced the politicians to scrap the recent seriously-flawed immigration legislation proposals — will carry the day. We must understand the difference between the Franco-German way and the Anglo-American way if we are to survive!

The eighth issue — November/December 2007 — of the journal in this series revisits the revolutionary movement that grew with the Clinton presidency during the 1990s, as described in my book, The New Totalitarians, published in 1996. The network of radical feminist activists, who used the Beijing Conference on Women in 1995, grew by leaps and bounds from that time to infect every institution in the land. Our politics, Congress, mass media, religions, judiciary, education establishment (K-12 through postgraduate), and even our military have been infected with the ideology of diversity. Patricia Schroeder, a radical feminist in the House of Representatives rejoiced and predicted at the time, ‘I hear the sound of a culture cracking.’ Indeed, it has been ‘cracking.’ But has it broken beyond repair? That question may have been answered by Lt.Col. Robert Patterson in his new book, War Crimes, which is reviewed in this issue. Patterson nails America’s present day traitors by naming names, providing incontrovertible proof by their actions and their pronouncements and measures them according to the definitions of treason and sedition provided by U.S. law. Those named have formed a network which he claims is an Unholy Alliance which is ‘in bed with the enemy’ in our war against terrorists of global reach.

The ninth issue — January/February 2008 — of the journal in this series addresses the extraordinary (and seemingly incomprehensible) connection between the organizational nature of The Looming American Matriarchy and the world-wide al Qaeda terrorist organization. Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson reveals the results of his research on the connectivity of these distributed leadership organizations. This issue is the first in a companion series which places side by side the prospect of Two Dangerous Loomings in America’s future. It is the first issue which begins the subject of the network characteristics of these two entities. Future issues will incorporate Dr. Atkinson’s previous research in the areas of Chaos Theory and Dynamical Systems applied to American civilization. That is, how can a bearded jihadist, hiding in various caves in Afghanistan/Pakistan spawn a global network of terrorists who carry out death and destruction in their locale without centralized control from afar? And how can the disciples of Simone de Beauvoir use the United Nations, world wide conferences, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and feminists in Congress and the Executive Branch to impose a Nietzchean nihilism and Marxist alienation-centered Matriarchy on America? The Starfish and the Spider analogies are relevant here.

The tenth issue — March/April 2008 — of the journal in this series addresses the connection between the Diversity cult in American culture and the global Salafist Islamic jihad. This celebration and worship of the concept of multiculturalism has rendered us vulnerable to the jihadists who raised money in the United States and recruited young jihadis for Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Ali Mohammed Abdullah Azzam and others have taken advantage of our nation’s openness and naiveté to travel at will on our soil, and visit and raise money at our cities Islamic mosques. Indeed, the penetration has been so deep in the past that it is being carried on now, right before our eyes — even in the Pentagon in the person of Hesham Islam, a close advisor to the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Gordon England. This issue also provides a book review of Miller et. al.’s. book, ‘The Cell, which details the inside story of the 9/11 plot and how the FBI and the CIA failed to stop it.

The eleventh issue — May/June 2008 — of the journal in this series addresses the meaningful connections among two sets of leaders. The three candidates at this time for the 2008 presidential election; Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and John Sidney McCain III are one set in this dynamical system. Sayyid Qutb, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Osama bin Laden are their antagonists in the current epochal war between America and the global Salafist Islamic jihad. They form the second set. The year chosen for comparison of these ‘actors’ on the world scene is 1966, the year that Qutb was martyred by Gamal Nasser in Egypt. Where each of these people were, what they were doing, what they believed, and how that plays out in a network analysis of the future of their world-impacting relationships are analyzed here. You will be introduced, via essays, to two Vietnam War POWs, John McCain and Ted Guy, who became antagonists after their return home. Their violent disagreements on the POW/MIA issue still resonates across the land today.

The twelfth issue — July/August 2008 — of the journal in this series addresses a meaningful connection between two of the antagonists in the above list of the two sets discussed in the eleventh issue above. The connection is the concept of takfir as a tactic in the quest for power by both Ayman al-Zawahiri and Hillary Rodham Clinton. This tactic is the means by which two different revolutionary movements have been carried out to destroy an enemy in the reach for political power. Whereas this tactic is defined in the rise of al-Qaeda and its origins, it is apparent in the tactic used by Hillary Clinton during her rise to a position of power in American politics. This issue also discusses the ‘Hobson’s Choice’ we have been given between the candidates for the presidency in the 2008 election cycle. The Guest Essay asks some very serious questions regarding Senator John McCain’s worldview.

The thirteenth issue — September/October 2008 — of the journal in this series addresses the choices that we were given in the November 2008 presidential election. We voters were left with a terrible choice in that presidential election — an articulate, completely inexperienced young black politician with direct connections to the Black Muslim brotherhood of Black Power and a former prisoner of war who has played on that ‘hero’ role as a catapult to political prominence. John McCain has based his entire political career on the foundation of supporting the radical feminist (actually a cultural-Marxist) cause and now, glaringly, revealingly, shows his shallowness of mind by attempting to ride on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton’s ‘18 million’ primary campaign voters to victory in the road to the presidency. He failed in a terribly flawed and weak run for the gold!

Mark Hill’s Corner: Choose this link to view essays, commentary and just plain ‘sea stories’ by RADM C.A. Hill, Jr., USN (Ret.). RADM Hill is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy class of 1944. He served on the submarine USS Ray (SS-271) in the Battle of the Pacific during World War II. His ship suffered every battle experience that was recorded on film for the German U-boat in the documentary film, ‘Das Boot,’ including a sinking to the bottom of Lingayen Gulf with a recovery due only to the courage, bravery, and skill of its crew — except that Hill’s ship was not destroyed in the end. Mark entered flight training after the war and rose to command an A-4 Skyhawk squadron as well as the aircraft carrier USS Independence. He was a manpower expert from the grade of LCDR to RADM and served as the Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for Manpower. RADM Hill is a staunch opponent of women-in-combat and has forcefully, intelligently, and PUBLICLY defended his views on this subject. He has been a strong supporter of naval aviation and has championed the concept of the Navy’s large aircraft carriers for decades. He argues for a return to teaching ‘traditional’ leadership and ethics at the U.S. Naval Academy — a program based on the traditions of John Paul Jones, ADM Horatio Nelson, ADM Chester Nimitz, ADM Arleigh Burke, and ADM Thomas H. Moorer, not that of the flawed Enlightenment philosophers.

American Civilization as a Dynamical System At this link you will find a mathematical and scientific approach to an understanding of the complex, non-linear, iterative feedback system handed down to us by our Founding Fathers – our American civilization. The attempt is to show that there is, indeed, a sound scientific basis for the essays on this Web Site and to render a ‘man in the street’ or ‘common man’ understanding of this concept. During the last half of the 1990s, multi-disciplinary research teams comprised of physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and social scientists have made startling advances in the modeling of dynamical systems by ‘growing’ networks in such a way that they model physical and social systems. The Santa Fe Institute, 30 miles south of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, has been the center of such research. This research is an extension of the institute’s primacy in studying self-organizing dyanmical systems, which often exhibit chaotic behavior. This research leads one to believe that Network Theory and experimental evidence in the physical world, which validates models based on this branch of science, will lead us to apply it to the social fabric of American civilization. This application will analyze the various ‘communities’ of people in the United States, each of which are comprised of individuals who are ‘linked’ in a direct way to each other via a common ‘best interest.’ The ‘best interest’ may be a belief in a common idea, a vested interest in an outcome which rewards each individual personally (political reward, economical reward, career and professional growth, a paternal or maternal interest in the ‘best interest’ of a son or daughter, and many other ‘interests’ which are a part of our human existence in a complex society).

Usually such ‘communities’ are sufficiently disparate in character and makeup that they seldom ACT in concert with one another in support of a common goal. In fact, many such ‘communities’ oppose each other or are at best, only tolerant of the other ‘communities which make up American society. But when the circumstances are just right, they can come together in an onrushing cascade to support a cause, a concept, a goal, or an idea that sweeps the nation by storm. This, of course, is the idea of a ‘Tipping Point’ in a Network Theory explanation of the result of social interactions in American civilization.

Digest the tutorial at this link and you may come to understand why ‘power laws’ and ‘scale-free’ networks are stable and what we can do to assure that our American civilization – in a state of stable equilibrium over the past 400 years – remains so.

Hot Item At this hyperlink you will find access to the latest research carried out during 2008 by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson on the subject of Two Dangerous Loomings which we face; one at home and the other abroad. He revisits the revolutionary movement that grew with the Clinton presidency during the 1990s, as described in his book, The New Totalitarians, published in 1996. The network of radical feminist activists, who used the Beijing Conference on Women in 1995, grew by leaps and bounds from that time on to infect every institution in the land. Our politics, Congress, mass media, religions, judiciary, education establishment (K-12 through postgraduate), and even our military have been infected with the ideology of diversity. Patricia Schroeder, a radical feminist in the House of Representatives rejoiced and predicted at the time, ‘I hear the sound of a culture cracking.’ Indeed, it has been cracking. Dr. Atkinson describes how that movement was the vanguard of what he calls The Looming American Matriarchy. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the icon of that movement.

In addition, Dr. Atkinson juxtaposes the other ‘dangerous looming’ — this one from abroad. He starts with a history of the global Salafist Islamic jihad which is described so well in Lawrence Wright’s insightful book, The Looming Tower: a l-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11, and supported by Bernard Lewis’s excellent article in the Atlantic Monthly, The Roots of Muslim Rage: Why so many Muslims deeply resent the West. These and other excellent texts are used to carry out a ‘network’ analysis of the similarities between this external threat — labeled The Looming Tower — and that of the internal threat.

You may be surprised by both the commonality of these two seemingly unrelated entities and their major differences. A network analysis begins in this essay to shed light on these network characteristics. Both are led by dangerous people with world-wide ambitions, have utopian dreams, preach ‘hatred’, are based on what some call ‘revivals’ and others call ‘spiritual awakenings’ in two different religious domains, act in shadowy (if not secret) ways, use Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) to raise money, and have been and still are supported by fundraising in the United States of America.

Barack Obama’s Black Liberation Theology What is Black Liberation Theology? According to this interpretation of the Scripture, “Black [liberation] theology cannot accept a view of God which does not represent God as being for oppressed blacks and thus against white oppressors. Living in a world of white oppressors, blacks have no time for a neutral God. The brutalities are too great and the pain too severe, and this means we must know where God is and what God is doing in the revolution. There is no use for a God who loves white oppressors the same as oppressed blacks. We have had too much white love, the love that tells blacks to turn the other cheek and go the second mile. What we need is the living love as expressed in black power, which is the power of blacks to destroy their oppressors, here and now, by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject God’s love.” (‘A Black Theology of Liberation,’ pp. 70). James H. Cone – the theologian who inspired Reverend Jeremiah Wright who baptized Barack Obama in his Trinity United Church of Christ. ” And now, of course, that is precisely Senator Barack Obama’s takfir. A tactic used by those who would wield power, raw naked power over us!

Gerald L. Atkinson states (above) the Hobson’s Choice we have in the coming presidential election and observes a general consensus among both independent voters and even many in the polling industry who find that many are undecided and have a certain ‘malaise’ expressed as ‘can’t we just start over with a new slate of candidates?’ It is clear, that the voters do not have nearly enough background information on the two presumptive candidates to make an informed choice come November 2008. And the mass media, as well as the political spinmiesters on each side will not provide this information.

In this regard, Dr. Atkinson has conducted extensive research on those who influenced Hillary Clinton’s worldview early in her formative years and describes it in terms of the Arab concept of takfir. This material is presented at the hyperlink, Hillary’s Takfir. Dr. Atkinson has also conducted similar research on those who influenced Barack Obama’s worldview — during his 20s as a ‘street organizer’ and during the late1980s and early 1990s as he became a member of the Christian faith under the Reverend Jeremiah Wright in the Trinity Union Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois. It turns out that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have a common point of reference — and the same revolutionary as an intellectual ‘mentor’ — Paul Tillich.

The story of this common revolutionary theme is fascinating and very disturbing. It is described at the hyperlink Barack Obama’s Takfir. Dr. Atkinson defines the Arab concept of takfir, where it was conceived (early in the Islamic caliphate (Saudi Arabia), where it gained strength in its modern form (Egypt), and describes how it had become a tactic in al-Qaeda’s quest for world power (the global Salafist Islamic jihad). He describes a striking similarity in the means by which two of the six 'actors' that have been addressed on these pages -- Hillary Rodham Clinton and Ayman al-Zawahiri -- have defined and used the concept of takfir as a tactic on their road to gaining power, raw naked power in their respective domains. Whereas this tactic is defined in the rise of al-Qaeda and its origins, it is also apparent in the tactic used by Hillary Rodham Clinton during her rise to a position of power in American politics. The only difference in the two tactics is the domains in which they are used. With Zawahiri it was used as a means of eradicating Muslims who were considered to be blocking the rise to power of al-Jihad, an Egyptian precursor to al-Qaeda and its global Salafist Islamic jihad. With Hillary it was developed and used against anyone who would appear to be a threat to her lifelong dream to grasp the reins of power in American politics.

There is also a strong strain of takfir in Barack Hussein Obama’s background – nearly hidden to the public – as he suddenly rose to a position of power in the Democrat Party when he surprisingly (with extreme audacity) won the party’s nomination for the presidency in the 2008 election cycle. Whereas Ayman al-Zawahiri, the number two man in al-Qaeda, drifted toward takfir in his role as the primary advisor to Osama bin Laden – inspired by the martyr, Sayyid Qutb -- Hillary Clinton found her connection to a version of such a tactic in the Reverend Donald Jones, her youth minister in the United Methodist Church. And Reverend Jones was an acolyte of Paul Tillich – the existentialist guru who invented Systematic Theology while at the ecumenical Union Theological Seminary in New York City (1933-1955). By this connection, Hillary Rodham Clinton became the radical feminist (actually cultural-Marxist) icon of The Looming American Matriarchy – thanks to her ‘Qutb,’ Paul Tillich.

So now, we suddenly find that Barack Obama (the middle name, Hussein, becomes irrelevant in the context of what is to follow) has a direct connection to the very same guru, Paul Tillich, via the intermediary James H. Cone – the father of the modern day Black Liberation Theology – at the very same Union Theological Seminary in New York City. What the Reverend Donald Jones did for Hillary (as the intermediary to Tillich) during her youth (1960s-1970s), James H. Cone (the intermediary to Tillich) did for Barack Obama during his young adulthood (1980s). And both Don Jones and James Cone owe their worldview – passed on to their protégés – to Paul Tillich. And Black Liberation Theology is every bit as dangerous to American culture, indeed American civilization (via a disintegration from within due to Hillary’s cultural-Marxism), as any threat posed to America by the global Salafist Islamic jihad.

As an introduction to the direct connection between the Black Muslim movement in America and al-Qaeda, please read an excerpt from John Miller’s seminal book, ‘The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot and Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It,’ at the hyperlink: The Cell.

Read the results of Dr. Atkinson’s research at the hyperlink, Barack Obama’s Takfir. You just might learn some history and you should be alarmed! For those of you who have followed Dr. Atkinson’s trail of using the ‘cycles’ of American history to make some sense of the headlines you read in our nation’s news media, the sound bites in TV programming, and the mush from the politicians, there is ‘motive’ here in describing what is going on in a time frame that provides perspective and meaning. When one observes events in terms of our past — not just yesterday’s news — we can make sound judgments leading to action that can and will save our constitutional republic from those who would exercise power over us. Stay tuned!

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