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FORUM 9-13-98 Commentary in The Washington Times on “PC problems plaguing the Navy” by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. An argument can be made that Secretary of the Navy John H. Dalton was directly responsible for the suicide of ADM Jeremy Boorda. In an episode related to the resignation of Dalton as Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Dalton placed another layer on the depth of his complicity in the coverup of his role in carrying out a radical feminist agenda on the U.S. Navy — an agenda dictated by Bill Clinton, the Commander-in-Chief. This article has meaning in the 2008 presidential election. A Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency could be expected to further the erosion of trust and confidence of our nation’s ’warriors who serve in combating the current threat by the global Salafist Islamic jihad.

COMMENTARY 9-01-96 Commentary in The Washington Times. “On a diversity roll that serves to erode,” by ADM Thomas H. Moorer USN (Ret.). In this essay, ADM Moorer warned of two factors which would, if continued, imperil our national security. The first and foremost difference he saw between our nation’s post-WWII situation and now (in 1996) is that the commander-in-chief then was Harry Truman, and the second factor, that flows from the first, is that the radical feminist diversity policies of the current commander-in-chief (Wm. J. Clinton) [and continued by George W. Bush] have undermined the morale and integrity of the combat forces. He argued that if the current policies are continued, “many traditional American institutions, in particular the Navy, will be irreparably damaged … due in large measure to the policies of placing women aboard ships and in combat roles.”

FORUM 2-04-07 Commentary in The Washington Times. “Wronged and Nifonged,,” by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. Parallels are made between the fraudulent rape and sexual assault charges made by character-challenged females against three members of the Duke Lacrosse team and Midshipman Lamar Owens at the U.S. Naval Academy. In the Duke Rape Case the prosecutor, Michael B. Nifong has been severely criticized and rebuked by the North Carolina State Bar Association. He faces ethics charges that could result in his disbarment. But at the Naval Academy there has been no public censure of the superintendent, VADM Rodney P. Rempt, whose egregious prosecution of Midshipman Owens was even more despicable than that of Mr. Nifong. Midshipman Owens is being Rempt-Raped at the Academy.

FORUM 2-21-99 Commentary in The Washington Times. “Academy politics and consequences,” by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson revealed how the double standards for women at the U.S. Naval Academy follows those which he wrote about in his book, ‘From Trust to Terror: Radical Feminism is Destroying the U.S. Navy.’ First, it was Sergeant Major of the Army, Gene McKinney and now it is Midshipman Michael Pilson, Jr. McKinney, in the aftermath of the Aberdeen sex scandal where drill sergeants were accused of raping recruits, was court-martialed on charges of sexual misconduct by a gaggle of enlisted and officer females. He was found not guilty of all these charges. Nevertheless, his career was destroyed by these false charges and by the media and the Army’s handling of the case. This event was a brazen display of power by politically-connected radical feminists to show that they could destroy the career of any man, including any black man, who is a symbol of male authority in the U.S. military. Michael Pilson, Jr., an Upperclassman at the U.S. Naval Academy is being given the same treatment. The radical feminists and their allies at the Academy are sending an even more ominous signal -- 'We can destroy you at the lowest level as we did at the highest. No one is immune from our absolute power.'

FORUM 7-25-99 Commentary in The Washington Times. “Fellow travelers at the Naval Academy,” by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. ‘While conducting research into the history, personalities, and techniques of ‘sensitivity training,’ I have found convincing evidence that the U.S. Naval Academy has been indoctrinating a future generation of Naval officers in a political correctness, actually a cultural Marxism, that has a long dark history and portends a dangerous future...The [midshipman’s] essay is a classic example of Critical Theory straight out of the teachings of the ‘cultural Marxist’ Frankfurt School.’

FORUM 8-8-99 Commentary in The Washington Times. “The Naval Academy’s ethical Mill.” Bioethicist Peter Singer, known as ‘Professor Death,’ for his radical views advocating the killing of physically handicapped infants, has taken up residence at Princeton University … Singer’s teachings include the suggestion parents should have the right to kill their infants up to 28 days after birth if the children have severe disabilities … Oddly enough Mr. Singer’s views have a direct connection to the U.S. Naval Academy’s teaching in its new ‘Leadership and Ethics’ program through a misinterpretation of John Stuart Mill … The choice of this philosophical foundation for the indoctrination of ‘ethics’ at the Academy should be considered degrading , corrupt, and just plain evil.

FORUM 8-15-99 Commentary in The Washington Times by Admiral Leon A. Edney USN (Ret.) in answer to Dr. Atkinson’s FORUM 7-25-99 commentary. “What mumbo jumbo at the Academy?” “What one learns, whether from this course or reading the daily newspapers, is that getting ethics right and acting accordingly is not easy.”

FORUM 8-22-99 Commentary in The Washington Times by Dr. Jean-Francois Orsini, President of the St. Antoninus Institute and the Washington chapter of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists. Dr. Orsini rebuts ADM Edney‘s FORUM 8-15-99 commentary. “A new set of ethics at the academy.” “Courses in ethics teach the perversions of true ethics called ‘Situationism’ and ‘Relativism’ which basically consists of making the ethical rules when you get there”.

FORUM 9-5-99 "Commentary in The Washington Times by Robert A. Wehrle, U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1972. Mr. Wehrle criticizes Dr. Atkinson's 8-8-99 commentary on the basis that it analyzes only one ethics essay out of many written by midshipmen at the Academy. Mr. Wehrle's critique is rebutted by COL Herb Tiede, USNA class '53 in a FORUM commentary dated 10-3-99. His rebuttal argues that the USNA faculty and administration chose the prize-winning essay and that constitutes de facto recognition of the policies and attitudes that Atkinson has successfully criticized. An additional FORUM commentary (9-5-99) appears which criticizes ADM Leon Edney's defense (FORUM 8-15-99) of the 'ethics' program at the Academy. It refutes ADM Edney's assertion that ethics are sometimes 'hard to see.'"

FORUM 9-19-99 "Commentary in The Washington Times. "Glimpse of Hell and ethics training at the Academy," by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. The ethical lapses revealed in the book titled, 'A Glimpse of Hell' are measured against the pablum of case studies in the Academy's Character Development Seminars. The negative portrayal of the case studies is criticized against the background of many positive examples of courage, honor, and duty which abound in the Navy's own Naval Institute Press library."

FORUM 10-17-99 Commentary in The Washington Times. “The Purpose of the Military is to Win,” by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. ‘We shared the first principles of a Christian-based 'ethics' founded on the 'virtue tradition' of our Founding Fathers. It was reinforced by our supporting institutions: our churches, our public schools, our universities, and other civic organizations. It was reinforced by a non-ideological press and news media. It was reinforced by a Hollywood which still promoted patriotic movies with 'ethical' messages that reinforced our confidence in America and its institutions.’

FORUM 11-21-99 Commentary in The Washington Times. “Ethics are old hat for the Naval Academy,” by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. ‘Dr. Nancy Sherman's implication is that the 152-year tradition of training our nation's naval officers was faulty, corrupt, and just plain evil. Forget that this revered institution has produced some of the finest military officers this nation has known. Some of these officers were responsible for winning the Battle of the Pacific in World War II and reigning victorious in every war in our nation's history, including the Cold War.’

FORUM 11-28-99 Commentary in The Washington Times. “Ethics and the Next Century’s Navy,” by RADM Ned Hogan, USN (Ret.), USNA class 1954. ‘The Navy is building its 21st Century surface combatants and carriers with full obstetric and gynecological provisions and with accompanying day care centers ashore. This is wrong, devoid of moral motivation and without an ethical compass.’

FORUM 12-12-99 Commentary in The Washington Times. “The long line of honor at the Naval Academy,” by Harry E. Belflower, Jr., USNA class 1948. ‘A U.S. Naval Academy alumni of the class of 1948 has come to realize that the Naval Academy is not the same institution it was when he went there. He urges that the Navy return to their tradition and not break the long, long line of honor.’

FORUM 1-16-00 Commentary in the Washington Times. "Rousseau and American naval officers," by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. 'ADM Leon A. Edney, USN (Ret.) should have looked closely at the effect Rousseau's utopian philosophy had on Robespierre and the French people during the period of the French Revolution before he defends this philosopher as a fountainhead for the 'ethics' of our nation's future naval officers...Could it be that someone in the future will write a history of American civilization and point to some who were 'The Fools as Naval Officers?'"

FORUM 2-13-00 Commentary in the Washington Times. “Military moral imperative,” by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. This commentary reveals strong parallels between the behavior of some of our mostly young, poorly trained and uneducated GIs who were taken captive during the Korean War and the current crop of senior military officers in today’s military. A military that is being subject to the same kind of ‘sensitivity training’ as that used by the Chinese indoctrinators on our Korean War POWs. The parallels are striking. We reject recognition of these parallels at our peril.

FORUM 6-11-00 Commentary in the Washington Times. "The power to destroy with one generation," by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson. The elites of the Baby Boom generation have come to power in America, as every generation eventually does in its turn. But this generation is special. Their power elites render it, potentially, the most dangerous generation in our nations history. They are driving young, morally demanding military officers out of the services.

Unedited FORUM 6-11-00 Newspapers require that commentary not exceed 750 words. Consequently, some substance is left on the cutting room floor. For an unedited version of this commentary, click on the underlined text at the beginning of this sentence.

Notice: These FORUM articles reflect the debate being conducted on the Internet and in the pages of the FORUM section of Sunday’s Washington Times. The debate was sparked by Dr. Atkinson’s research on the subject of ‘sensitivity training’ in the U.S. military and, specifically, evidence of its implementation at the U.S. Naval Academy. The debate is conducted under the heading of ‘cultural Marxism,’ another more accurate name for ‘political correctness’ which has taken over America’s universities, public schools, media, and political discourse.

The debate has been backed up by a set of six (6) essays that Dr. Atkinson has published under the title, “’Cultural Marxism’ at the U.S. Naval Academy.” These essays are described in detail on the Web Page named Essays. If you wish to view this essay page, click here on Essays. You will find an order form there for purchasing these materials as well as supporting reports, videos, and audio cassettes.

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