Praise for this book (see what ADM Thomas H. Moorer, USN (Ret.), RADM C.A. Hill, Jr., USN (Ret.), COL Carl F. Bernard, USA (Ret.), COL David H. Hackworth, USA (Ret.), COL George Jatras, USAF (Ret.), and William S. Lind have to say about this new book)

Summary: This new book presents a stark illustration of what was described in an earlier (1996) book, ‘The New Totalitarians,’ which unveiled those who are destroying our nation’s democratic institutions. This new book, ‘From Trust to Terror,’ tells the true story of the next step in this process – terror – which was introduced into the lives of patriotic young U.S. Navy flight instructors who would ‘do the right thing.’ That is, they had the audacity to insist on granting failing grades to a failed female Student Pilot. The tale is one of terror introduced into their lives by a mid-level commissariat of Equal Opportunity commanders who are administering affirmative action quotas for women in naval combat aviation.

This book is a ‘must read’ for all military officers and citizens who are unaware of the depth to which radical feminism has sunk its roots into a service with the highest of professional standards and rendered it helpless to maintain those standards. The result has been double standards – that is, reduced standards for women – and in this story, an obsession with ‘passing’ an obviously failed female aviation candidate. This obsession became so strong that certain Navy commanders nearly ‘gave’ her the Navy’s coveted ‘wings of gold.’

The revolt of the flight instructors against the ‘obsession’ of a Wing Commander who would waive all standards to ‘pass’ the female resulted in a campaign of terror against them. This was carried out by Navy commanders at the behest of the failed female aviation candidate and her coterie of radical feminist supporters in the military, political, legal, and media environs.

These radical feminists, if successful in destroying the U.S. military which has served the nation well for over 200 years, will apply the same techniques to our American democracy. Read this book and be aware. We must not let this happen!