Gain of Function

Funding the Gain of function of CCP kinetic technology.
American gun culture R&D for kinetic gain of function for CCP weapons.
Has the Hellcat "achieved" gain of function over the original Hellcat?
AmbGun recommends getting the Hellcat without the Hex sights and installing Shield Sights....unless you want to join the Gain of Function ranks of Anthony Fauci. 
Ambidextral Gunfighter review and commentary on the SwampFox Arrowhead 1-10 x 24 LPVO and Independence Cantilever Mount.
To the Americans Who Are on Their Knees by JR Nyquist
Shield Sights are made in the UK. Excellent quality, with the features you need, and no gain of function collusion with PRC.
Featuring the Green Dot Viridian RFX35 on the XDM Elite Compact 10