Dogs of Worr

Original Dogs - Mark Laughlin, Broc Laughlin, Travis Moore, Josh Becker, Kody Krei, Deke Dunne, Bryan Laughlin

Winning team at Worland NPPL 7-Man:

Front row: Travis Moore, Lori Donnel, Broc Laughlin

Back row: Brandon Yule, Bryan Laughlin, Mark Laughlin, Kody Krei, Deke Dunne

One the sidelines at Worland 7-Man

Lori Donnell, Brandon Yule, Deke Dunne, Broc Laughlin, Tavis Moore (hidden), Bryan Laughlin, Kody Krei, Mark Laughlin

Front Row: Bryan, Broc, Travis

Back Row: Brandon, Deke, Mark, Kody

Nicky Cuba observes Bryan's technique

Nicky Cuba observes Mark's technique

Taking a break at XSV Clinic

Practicing break with Rusty Glaze at XSV clinic

Bryan covers for Kody at XSV clinic

Break at Casper NPPL 7 Man

Bryan wraps bunker at Casper NPPL 7 Man

Dogs in a row at Billings NPPL 7 Man

Dogs take a break at Billings NPPL 7 Man

Dogs looking back at Billings NPPL 7 Man

Dogs at Bell Fouche, SD NPPL 7 Man

Paintball inspired...

Our soldiers need to be ambidextral gunfighters.

Our Next Generation Squad Weapon must be ambidextrous friendly.