We had a Glock 19 and a Glock 43. Fine firearms, but both are gone. 

Sadly, I never did any reviews of these pistols. I concluded that the Mossberg MC1sc was better than the Glock 43 and the Mossberg MC2c was better than the Glock 48 and P365XL and Hellcat RDP/Pro are both better than the Glock 19.

Shield Arms S15 mags breath life into the G43x and G48

Shield Arms Z9 mags greath life into the G43.

15 round steel magazine for the Glock® 43X/48, same size as the Glock® 10 round magazine with Black Oxide Finish. I have not personally tested these mags, but if you have a G43x/48, it is a must have. 

Without a doubt the best training aid for pistols (and beneficial for rifles, too) MantisX

Because gun shot trauma all require the same emergency response whether from 22LR, 9mm, or 45ACP.