9mm vs 22LR

Is the 22LR cartridge suitable for self defense? How does its stopping power compare to the centerfire cartridges like 9mm or 45ACP? Are there mobility and "optimal use of cover" advantages of the 22LR? What is the lifetime cost of maintaining proficiency 22LR vs 9mm? Is the 22LR a "less than lethal" self defense cartridge? Which cartridge is more manageable with slippery, bloody hands? What does "opportunity cost" imply for the 22LR vs 9mm comparison? How loud in Decibels is the 22LR compared to centerfire cartridges. How does 9mm and 22LR compare for rounds per size and weight?
What advantages does the KelTec P17 bring to the self defense arena? How does it compare to a centerfire 9mm for self defense? What is the lifetime cost of training with a P17 vs a 9mm? Why is the P17 ideal for family self defense? What are the maintenance issues that plague the typical 9mm pistol? How easy is it to maintain a P17? Which pistol is best for manipulating with bloody hands? NATO and US Army "Handbook on Human Vulnerability" conclusions?
Because gun shot trauma all require the same emergency response whether from 22LR, 9mm, or 45ACP. And it's better to carry a lightweight 22LR with a Emergency Trauma Kit than a 9mm pistol without.
Spreadsheet analysis of 9mm pistols (and one 22LR outlier) using Ambgun's unique dollar oriented, ballance sheet perspective.

We start off comparing the Hellcat, P365XL, MC2c, MC2Sc, and PF9 and, based upon AmbGun perspective, come to some surprising results regarding the 9mm pistols. But when we introduce the P17, things get really interesting.

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Israeli Experience with 22LR

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