Ambidextral Hunter

ambidextrous hunting

Back Country Bears

Springfield Armory XDM Elite 10mm Compact review forthcomingfilmed on location at the Kirwin Gold Mine. This ambidextral pistol features an ambidextrous slide stop and an ambidextrous mag release.
Crossbreed Chest Holster. AmbGun recommends left hand carry and initial presentation...once you are fully ambidextrous.

Tikka T1x

Mossberg MVP Scout

Marlin Guide Gun

As I have noted in both "The Ambidextral Rifleman" and "The Ambidextral Gunfighter", the Lever Action is the best, most perfectly mirrored, manual action.
Why serious hunters should become ambidextrous...Ambidextral Hunters.
The how (easy), like in The Ambidextral Gunfighter, is translated to a hunter's context.
How current hunting, manual action, rifle platforms can be improved and made safer for the ambidextral hunter.
45-70 Trajectory
Installing XS sights on the 45-70 Marlin Guide Gun.
Zeroing 9 & 180 Yards vs 100 Yard Zero.
AQT (Appleseed Qualification Test).
XS Sight Systems ML-0012-5 Ghost Ring WS Marlin 336, 1894, Integral Ramp
At my favorite tar paper shack near Phelps Mountain. Elk hunting with my glorious Marlin Guide Gun.
Wyoming antelope/pronghorn taken with Marlin Guide Gun prone from 140 yards-ish. Headshot makes for quick kill and fine tasting meat.
Because sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted...or you just fall (the hunter's most common cause for injury)