Ambidextral Airsoft

For those who who own a Walther PPQ M1 Classic, this is a pretty sweet training aid for practicing point shooting in your backyard.
Styrofoam cup killer.
With our family's adoption of the Sig Sauer P365XL as the standard 9mm carry pistol, we all had high hopes for this airgun copy.
Ambi skills play a role in this Airsoft performance. Given the guy's background, I bet he'd demonstrate exceptional team communication and coordination.

Proposed Evike RDB Videos

Evike RDB "Manual of Arms" #shorts (example Mantis BlackbeardX > 26,000 views)
Evike RDB Review (example Hellion Review)

Evike RDB "Minuteman Review" #shorts (example KelTec SU16c > 360,000 views)

How to Become an Ambidextral Gunfighter using the Evike RDB and a Red Dot Optic
Comparing the Evike RDB with the KelTec RDB (and add to our 37 video RDB playlist)
MantisX Data Analysis of the Evike RDB and KelTec RDB
Project Appleseed AQT Scores Using the Evike RDB (example T1x vs 10/22 AQT Shootout)
Ambidextral Gunfighter Sling Traveler Setup on Evike RDB
Evike RDB featured in the 4th edition of The Ambidextral Gunfighter
Shield Sights lightweight, polymer SMSc is perfect for firearms and airsoft
Because sometimes those airsoft guns are not so soft. is THE ambidextrous gunfighting resource. Why you should become an ambidextrous gunfighter. How you can become an ambidextrous gunfighter. What the ambidextrous gunfighter requires in his equipment.

Ambidextrous "optimal use of cover", optimal use of terrain for steady hold factors.
Training the brain so that both the left and right eye can pick up the sighting system. Perfectly mirrored controls for unconscious, bilateral transfer of skill. operation both left and right handed.