Ambidextral Shotgun

WARNING:This video features the simulation of shooting down a quadcopter/drone. This is a new role for shotguns in modern warfare. In the USA, shooting down a drone...even one flying over your own property, can get you in serious trouble with the FAA. For now, drones are treated much like manned aircraft. I presume that if a drone is threatening your life you could, like Ukrainian fighters, defend yourself. 
The Thunder Ranch Mossberg 590 features a handsome brown cerakote finish to offset the black furniture. 
The 590 is very ambidextrous…loading left or right handed, top safety, running the pump, and the action lock lever is close enough to mirrored to allow bilateral transfer of skill. 
So the Mossberg shotgun is good for the ambidextral gunfighter making optimal use of cover.
My only concern is the narrow top of the buttstock. At least for my face when I establish a firm cheek weld, my eye overshoots the centerline of the Mossberg…consistently the same amount left and right handed. I think the slightly thicker MagPul SGA buttstock would give ME better eye alignment with the barrel. 
And while the Thunder Ranch 590 has a relatively short length of pull, I think I’d like to reduce it by about ½” or more…doable with the Magpul stock. 
I’m accustomed to running my thumb on the side of rifles, so I favor this for shotguns, too. Eliminates tapping your nose under recoil. But check with a professional shotgunner as to the advisability of this practice.
With the RMSc cutout you can easily mount a red dot…here a Viridian RFX44 closed emitter green dot. Probably more useful for slugs than shot. 
Runs mini shells fine with the OpSol Mini-Clip
I do admire the beautiful simplicity and rugged reliability of the 590 pump. Very satisfying to load, a testosterone dump running the pump, a gratifying boom, and a reassuring bit of recoil. 
Mossberg Thunder Ranch 590, it’s just brutally cool to shoot…even for the shotgun novice, rifleman like me. 
Shield Sights are made in the UK. Excellent quality, with the features you need, and no gain of function collusion with PRC. is THE ambidextrous gunfighting resource. Why you should become an ambidextrous gunfighter. How you can become an ambidextrous gunfighter. What the ambidextrous gunfighter requires in his equipment.

Ambidextrous "optimal use of cover", optimal use of terrain for steady hold factors.
Training the brain so that both the left and right eye can pick up the sighting system. Perfectly mirrored controls for unconscious, bilateral transfer of skill. operation both left and right handed. 

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