AR15 Irons vs ACOG

Ambidextrous Known Distance AQT

Known Distance 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards. 

How close can I get my iron sights score to that of an ACOG equipped AR15?

A Bear Creek Arsenal with the A2/A3 Carry Handle peep sights, 20 inch cold hammer forged barrel, and Velocity trigger versus a Bravo Company Manufacturing RECCE, with ACOG, 16" barrel, and Giessele SSA-E trigger. Shooting offhand at 100 yards, squatting at 200 yards, prone at 300 yards, and prone at 400 yards. Each stage 5 rounds left handed and 5 right. 

Bear Creek Arsenal AR15 Ambification Part 1

Bear Creek Arsenal AR15 Ambification Part 2

"I can see no evidence suggesting poor longevity. "
New Evidence:
Broken Extractor Pivot Pin
Went to the range to zero the Palmetto State Armory carry handle sight that sits atop my Bear Creek Arsenal 20” AR.
Once zeroed, I decided to do an “Around the Squares” test…something I often do with optics, but never before with irons
Always aiming at the center square, I use the .43 MOA windage clicks and .53 Elevation clicks to move the hits from square to square. 
I start with “checking my zero” firing at and hitting the center square. Then to hit the square to the left of center, I dial in 9 MOA left or 21 clicks on the windage and while still aiming at the center square, look for my hit in the middle left square. 
Then using the elevation wheel, I dial up 11 MOA…or 21 clicks. Aim at the center square and anticipate a hit on the upper left square. 
Then it’s 18 MOA right, 42 clicks…I ran out of windage clicks to the right so went as far as I could (8 clicks short), aimed at the center square and anticipated a hit near the upper right square. 
Then 11 MOA down or 21 clicks on the elevation wheel, aiming at the center square, looking for a hit just to the left of the middle right square. 
With the irons, I couldn’t dial down to the bottom row squares, so I did 21 clicks left for 9MOA. If I had been paying attention I could have subtracted 8 clicks to put me back to my zero…fired for the center square, and looking for a hit on the center square…or, in this case, 2 MOA to the left. 
I think the test demonstrates that the .43 MOA per click for windage and .53 MOA per click for elevation is correct and that the PSA carry handle sight can legitimately perform the “around the squares” test. 
BCM 16” RECCE $1560BCM Ambi Charging Handle $90BCM Ambi Safety $30Geissele SSA-E Trigger $170Arms Unlimited Ambi Mag Release $30BCM KD 3.0 Grip $15$1895


BCA Forged Upper with 20” CHF barrel $252BCA Forged Lower with Velocity Trigger $335PSA Carry Handle Sight $80BCM Bolt Upgrade Kit and Firing Pin $37BCM Ambi Safety $30Breek Arms Ambi Charging Handle $70Tactical Advantage FTS Hybrid Brake $90Arms Unlimited Ambi Mag Release $30MagPul Trigger Plate $20BCM KD 3.0 Grip $15Stake Castle nut, check barrel nut, $959
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