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My uncertain, counter opinion from the "Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back" perspective. 
What is the Most Important Rifle Upgrade? by T.Rex Arms YouTube channel.https://youtu.be/lCyVLULUaxI 
The Ambidextral Gunfighter admiration for the Action Target 22LR Dueling Tree.
Rimfire Dueling Tree
BNKR Kings Elbow Pads are thin, light, and breath. The padding is not so think that they introduce slack into a steady shooting position.
BNKR Kings Elbow Pads

14 Days to Become a Better Shooter - Tire Iron YouTube Channel

Rifle Data Analysis (beta)

Rifle Size Spreadsheets Weighted Rounds
Guns and tactical-cool gear are fun to geek out on, but strive to transfer some of that obsession to emergency medical.