Psychic Iron Cage essays in ‘The Resister: the Political Warfare Journal of the Special Forces Underground. ’ These essays, entitled, “Who Placed American Men in a Psychic Iron Cage?” explain who the ‘they’ are who have rendered the American male incapable of defending his heritage, traditions, and proud history in an age when ‘multiculturalism’ has replaced the traditional ‘assimilation’ concept in American civilization.

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'Cultural Marxism' at the U.S. Naval Academy

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The Lamar Owens Travesty of Justice It has become abundantly clear that there are close parallels between the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case and the U.S. Naval Academy Rape Case involving Midshipman Lamar Owens. These parallels are revealed in the essay located here. A summary of this situation resides in my 4 February 2007 article in the FORUM commentary section of the Sunday Washington Times, entitled ‘Wronged and Nifonged.’ While the prosecutor in the Duke Rape Case, Michael Nifong, has been removed from the case and charged with ethics violations by the North Carolina State Bar Association, nothing has been done to bring the Naval Academy superintendent, VADM Rodnay P. Rempt, to justice in his vendetta against Midshipman Owens. After being found ‘not guilty’ of the rape charge by a military General Courts-Martial, which was upheld in review by another Vice Admiral, Midshipman Owens is still being detained at the Navy Shipyard awaiting a final decision by the Secretary of the Navy. Midshipman Owens’ future has been held in limbo for 14 months now (4 March 2007) since the charge of rape was made and 8 months since he was confined to the Naval Shipyard.

Naval Academy alumni, who have become aware of VADM Rempt’s vendetta against Midshipman Owens, have created a firestorm of opposition to his crass bowing to the radical feminist movement, in the interest of his present career objectives (in this case, feminist reputation and retirement benefits). Not only are they outraged over the prosecution of an obviously fraudulent rape charge by Midshipman Kim Koss but by VADM Rempt’s tagging two ‘piddly’ charges to the primary rape charge, both of which would not have existed without guilt of the initial rape charge, but which are still active in the record of the proceedings and will carry the tarnish of felonies on Lamar Owens’ future — unless removed by the Secretary of the Navy in his final deliberation.

Hundreds of these alumni have loosely organized and sought publicity for Midshipman Owens’ plight. Supportive articles have appeared in national news media (Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Annapolis Capital Gazette, Navy Times, WJZ-TV, and Fox News). The Anne Arundel County chapter of the NAACP has reached out to the Congressional Black Caucus, Senators, and news media across the land. Google-based Web Logs, blogs (e.g. pcrevolt), have carried in-depth discussions on Midshipman Owens’ situation.

Two examples of the hundreds of letters sent by prominent Naval Academy alumni to the Secretary of the Navy may be viewed at the hyperlink, FREE LAMAR OWENS.

Twenty Questions for VADM Rempt and Midshipman Koss At this link you will find twenty questions derived from the Proceedings of the General Court-Martial of Midshipman Lamar Owens under the authority of VADM Rodney P. Rempt USN. The questions are posed by supporters of Midshipman Owens, some of whom were in the court room during the proceedings. Midshipman Owens was fraudulently accused and charged of rape involving brief consensual sex with Midshipman Kim Koss in her room at Bancroft Hall during January 2006. He was tried and found NOT GUILTY by the military jury and an impartial Reviewing Authority, VADM Paul Sullivan, Commander Naval Sea Systems Command, each of whom recommended NO PUNISHMENT for two peripheral charges to the rape charge. Without the rape charge, these peripheral charges would not have existed. Nevertheless, unless these charges are dismissed under a review by the Secretary of the Navy, they will tarnish Midshipman Owens’ future as felonies with their attendant consequences.

Consequently, we ask VADM Rempt and Midshipman Koss to answer the twenty questions at the above hyperlink. Examples are: How did Midshipman Lamar Owens get into the upper bunk of a resisting female? (Especially if her roommate was 8 feet away and asleep?). Why was a Woman’s Advocacy Organization the first to hear of the supposed incident by the accuser? Once reported to authorities, why did the NCIS Rape Kit Analysis Profile report no evidence of rape? Why did the same Rape Kit Analysis Profile find no evidence of DNA from Lamar Owens at the scene, on the alleged victim, or in her bedclothes? Why did the same NCIS Rape Kit Analysis Profile find traces of semen from two other males in her bedclothes at the scene? (Why was this fact not disclosed to the accused’s Defense Team?)

Truth and justice in this case demand answers to these twenty questions. The answers will conclusively reveal that Midshipman Lamar Owens is suffering under an old fashioned early-20th-century low-tech lynching by a vindictive, arrogant agent of the Looming American Matriarchy, VADM Rodney P. Rempt.

The Pretenders: A Failure of Admiralship At this link you will find evidence of the cravenness of VADM Rodney P. Rempt who slinks off into retirement (see picture at left, VADM Rempt on the left) without a trace of the disgrace he has visited on the Naval Academy as superintendent. While Michel Nifong, the Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Case prosecutor was tried and convicted for his misconduct in that case, VADM Rempt has slipped off into the darkness of retirement without a hint of shame for his misuse of the almost dictatorial power of convening authority in the fraudulent rape cases brought before him. He completely mishandled the issue of consensual sex in the dormitory, Bancroft Hall, underage drinking by his midshipmen, and his complete double standard in disciplining male midshipmen while giving free rein to female midshipmen — and sending them to the fleet and Marine Corps as commissioned officers. He has destroyed the age-old ‘Honor Code’ that has served the Academy so well in the past. Instead of developing COMBAT warriors, in spirit and physical prowess, he has enabled a generation of ‘Vagina Warriors’ right out of the fabric of Eve Ensler’s New Age play, The Vagina Monologues.

VADM Rempt has taken the quest for ‘diversity’ to such an extreme that he has even empowered one of his female Lieutenant Commander instructors to ‘moonlight’ as a high-end ‘escort,’ the ‘USNA mystery call girl’ in the D.C. Madam (see picture at left), Jeane Palfrey’s prostitution ring. And in turn, VADM Rempt was enabled by his superior, ADM Micheal Mullen, the Chief of Naval Operations in the latter’s new ‘strategic vision.’ — the wresting of control of the Navy from the hands of his guilt-laden followers — white males.

At the hyperlink above, you will be led to evidence available in the public domain as to the identity of the ‘USNA mystery call girl.’ It is easy to find and logically complete. Her identity was known to VADM Rempt before his retirement (6/09/07) and is known to him now. He did nothing to punish this enterprising young woman. She was slipped out of sight, sheltered from view, and continues her Navy career. While male Navy officers are being shed like rain off a duck’s back — especially those who exhibit traditional leadership, that is, ‘warrior,’ tendencies.

Who is this ‘USNA mystery call girl?’ Take a look at the pictures on the left and visit the hyperlink above and you can find out for yourself. And visit this link to find the role that ADM Mullen, soon to be promoted to the post of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, plays in this ‘diversity’ agenda. There you will also find a discussion by Lt. Col. Paul Yingling whose article in the Armed Forces Journal (‘A failure of generalship) parallels the current situation in the U.S. Navy. The essay ‘The Pretenders: A Failure of Admiralship,’ resides at the same hyperlink and implicates not only ADM Mullen and his radical feminist change agent, VADM Rodney P. Rempt, but also the current commander of the Central Command — ADM William J. ‘Fox’ Fallon, USN.

And finally, you will learn of the prescient commentary by ADM Thomas H. Moorer, USN (Ret.) — now deceased — who predicted (‘On a diversity role that serves to erode,’ Wash. Times, 1 September 1996) such a state of affairs in 1996. ADM Moorer argued that if the current policies are continued, “...many traditional institutions, in particular the Navy, will be irreparably damaged...due in large measure to the policies of placing women aboard ships and in combat roles.” At the hyperlink above you will find just how far the claws of radical feminism have been entrenched into the heart of our Armed Forces. And now we face the prospect of ADM Mullen as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who will further erode the effectiveness of our nation’s military.

And now, as we learn that SecDef Robert M. Gates has appointed ADM Mullen to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — primarily on the basis of Mullen’s “strategic vision,” we are in jeopardy of a looming military disaster. America’s military ‘Jena’ looms in our future, as predicted by Lt. Col. Yingling, if ADM Mullen’s strategic ‘diversity’ strategy comes to fruition in our Armed Forces. Be aware! Be forewarned!

In addition to the essay on The Pretenders: A Failure of Admiralship at the hyperlink above, see a 16-page summary in the July/August 2007 issue of the Eternal Vigilance journal.

And if this was not enough to brand VADM Rempt’s tyrannical activities while Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy as a failure, we now find out (six months after his much lauded retirement) that during his tenure that a Navy chaplain at the Academy, LCDR John Thomas Matthew Lee, “pleaded guilty at a court-martial to forcible sodomy, aggravated assault and other crimes and was sentenced to 12 years of confinement, all but two of them suspended.” The Washington Post (‘Navy Chaplain Pleads Guilty: HIV-Positive Priest Is Sentenced in Sex Case,’ 12/07/07) reveals that in 2004, at the U.S. Naval Academy…”a midshipman struggling with academic and personal problems sought counsel from Lee...was forcibly sodomized...Lee also victimized an ensign he had persuaded to enroll in the Naval Academy...that ensign who had consensual sex with Lee remains in the armed forces. Lee e-mailed photographs of himself having sex with soldiers and other men friends and service members...He sent some of these images from his military e-mail account and stored pornographic images on his computer at work...Past postings include the Naval Academy from September 2003 until October 2006.” This posting was mostly during the Superintendency of VADM Rodney P. Rempt. The Washington Post adds that “The case comes amid a string of sexual misconduct allegations the Naval Academy. Last month a Navy physician was sentenced to four years in prison for using a hidden camera at his home to tape midshipmen having sex.” VADM Rempt, a failure as a naval officer, as a Superintendent, and as a responsible human being was allowed by the politically correct leadership (military and civilian) at the highest levels to retire with honors despite a such a despicable record of malfeasance in office. The U.S. Navy has been corrupted beyond belief at its highest levels.

The Annapolization of America: A Social Epidemic The National Review has recently brought to the nation’s attention the fact that the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD has become ‘civilianized’ — to the point that the main purpose for its being, that is, producing ‘warriors’ and inspiring the ‘warrior ethos’ in our future naval core combat leadership — and may spread the ‘virus’ to other of our nation’s premiere service academies. In a word, the other service academies fear that they may become Annapolized — and thus, destroyed.

At this link, read this cogent article and then read the essay attached to it, ‘The Annapolization of America: A Social Epidemic.’ This essay summarizes a book written by Gerald L. Atkinson in 1996, entitled “The New Totalitarians,’ which (along with this Web Site) document in detail the truth and accuracy of the National Review article. This essay reveals that the Annapolization virus may not only be spreading to our other premiere service academies, but has been spreading for the past 40 years in every institution in the land.

The essay reveals the nature of this contagion, the mechanism for its rapid spread, and the role played by Chaos Theory, Network Theory (in the context of the popular idea of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’), and a ‘Tipping Point’ idea as a means of explaining the process by which the ‘science of surprise’ is carried out.

The de-facto Peter Singer Chair of Ethics at the U.S. Naval Academy. This ‘shadow’ ethics chair results from the fact that Peter Singer’s text has been mandated by civilian professors there as required reading in the Academy’s New Age ‘ethics’ program. Singer is the Princeton bio-ethicist who has recently publicly praised bestiality (sex with animals) and who has in the past written in favor of neonaticide (killing of unwanted infants up to 28 days after birth). Will the Naval Academy Foundation use its $175 million fund raising drive to make this de-facto Distinguished Chair a funded reality in the future?

Secular Humanism at the U.S. Naval Academy Choose this link to find out how the New Age ‘ethics’ program at the Academy promotes America’s new state-sponsored religion — secular humanism. About a year ago, a former chaplain (who resigned his commission and retired as a result of what he saw being developed in the ‘ethics’ program) at the Naval Academy told me that the military chaplains there are expressly forbidden to participate in the Character Development Seminars, which are touted as the centroid of the new ‘ethics’ program. Navy O-5s and O-6s are eligible to lead and ‘facilitate’ Midshipmen, that is, be the New Age ‘priests’ and ‘pastors’ in the new ‘ethics’ seminars, but ordained military chaplains are not allowed to participate. So, what is going on here? This means that chaplains, who traditionally tended to the moral development and ethical practices of our nation’s military personnel are now expressly forbidden from participating in the central activity of their craft in the new ‘ethics’ program. Meanwhile, uninitiated, ill-prepared, and over-worked Naval officers are forced to take on the task of ‘informing’ the ethical character of the Academy’s midshipmen. And the Mids under their charge are forced to complete a mandatory ‘ethics’ program. That, folks, is secular humanism – the New Age, enforced, state religion in which America’s young are being indoctrinated at the Naval Academy. At this link, read my essay on how this fits in with the other aspects of the Clintonized ‘ethics’ and education programs at the U.S. Naval Academy.

The de-facto Jane Fonda Distinguished Chair of anti-Vietnam War Studies at the U.S. Naval Academy. Choose this link to read about the anti-Vietnam War novels by Tim O’Brien which have been mandated as required reading in the Academy’s English Department. O’Brien’s novels, celebrated by the power elites of the Boomer generation, who dodged the draft, fled to Canada, demonstrated against that war (some overseas, and others in capitals of communist states), and who let others less fortunate than they serve and die in their stead, have a single purpose — to apply Critical Theory to America’s involvement in that war. Will the Naval Academy Foundation use its $175 million fund raising drive to make the de-facto Jane Fonda Distinguished Chair of anti-Vietnam War Studies a funded reality in the future?

A ‘shadow’ de-facto Women’s Studies and African-American Studies Department at the U.S. Naval Academy. These ‘shadow’ studies programs have been implemented within the English Department at the U.S. Naval Academy. Such politically correct programs are a fact of life in the nation’s major liberal-left colleges and universities. There, they are at least in the open for all to see. They are in operation at the Naval Academy under the cover of mandatory required reading of texts in English courses. Choose this link to read about these texts by Toni Morrison, the de-facto holder of the ‘shadow’ Distinguished Chair of Race and Gender at the Academy. Toni Morrison shares more than the holding of Distinguished Chairs at Princeton University with Peter Singer. Both write about bestiality (sex with animals); Singer as an ethical practice, Morrison as a novelist who celebrates bestiality, necrophilia (sex with the dead), and incest as a means of portraying the depravity of black men and the victimhood of black women. And it is all the ‘white man’s’ fault. Toni Morrison is a master at applying postmodern deconstruction and Critical Theory to race and gender in America. Will the Naval Academy Foundation use its $175 million fund raising drive to make the ‘shadow’ de-facto Women’s Studies and African-American Studies Programs a funded reality in the future?

Rebuttals to the ‘Proceedings’ Defense of the New Age Ethics Program at the Academy

This series of essays by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson and VADM Must Remain Anonymous USN (Ret.) rebuts CAPT Mark Clemente’s defense (’Why We Teach Leadership and Ethics at the Naval Academy’) of the new ‘ethics’ program at the U.S. Naval Academy which appeared in the February 2000 issue of the Navy’s ‘Proceedings’ magazine. This series of essays are presented here because the ‘Proceedings’ would not publish them (even in abbreviated form) without myriad delay and ‘censorial’ editing. They are entitled, ‘The Stockdale Dilemma: Why Stoicism at the Academy?’, ‘The Nancy Sherman Dilemma: Who is Conning Whom?’, ‘Who Chooses America’s heroes?’, ‘Two Major Faults in the New Ethics Program,’ and ‘Leadership, Ethics, and POWs.’ The latter essay was authored by VADM Anonymous.

The Judas Goat at the U.S. Naval Academy

This essay describes the roles of the shepherd, sheep, black sheep, and the Judas Goat in the new ‘ethics’ program at the Academy. Black sheep are the 'apparent' leaders. Other sheep instinctively follow the black sheep. There are only a few black sheep in any herd. Small groups of sheep may graze with a black sheep and follow it wherever it goes. When all of the flock's black sheep are present, one knows that all of the other sheep in the herd are present. This provides an efficiency for the shepherd. All one has to do is count the few black sheep. If all are present, then all of the sheep are accounted for. The other, more dangerous category of naval officer, is akin to the Judas goat. The stockyards use such a goat to lead the sheep to slaughter. Without the aid of a Judas goat, the sheep would mill around endlessly in the pen and would not enter or traverse the chute to the slaughter house. The Judas goat, mingling with the sheep, is trained to lead them out of the pen and down the chute to the slaughterhouse. And at the last second, the Judas goat is allowed to escape by a side-gate while the sheep go to their appointed end. Read this essay to find out who the most dangerous Judas Goat was in the Academy’s new ‘ethics’ program.

Nuns and Midshipmen

This essay tells the story of how an Immaculate Heart of Mary order of nuns was destroyed by the ‘sensitivity training’ methods of Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow in the mid-1960s. They had become famous in the early 1960s for promoting a humanistic or 'third force psychology.' They were the forerunners of today's therapeutic education movement. Both were well-schooled in the ‘sensitivity training’ methods of small-group encounters developed by Kurt Lewin in the U.S. and the Tavistock Institute in Britain. In 1965 they drew the attention of the Mother Superior of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) order of nuns in Los Angeles, CA. This innovative order conducted a retreat in which 'all community rules were suspended.' Outside psychologists conducted a 'teach in. The results of this sort of innovation were predictable. After allowing the psychologists in, the nuns became aware of 'how dictatorial superiors were and in turn how dependent, submissive and helpless nuns were when it came to working with the outside world.'

As a result of this experiment, hundreds of nuns (out of the 590 in the order) asked to be dispensed from their vows. In a period of just a few years, Carl Rogers had destroyed the IHM order and the 90 schools at which the nuns taught. The sensitivity training sessions had separated them from their religious discipline and plunged them into a 'renewed' religious order, which meant "we were together constantly, talking endlessly and intensively ... about love and hope and philosophy." All of this "intensely emotional talk" about "great thinkers and modern psychology" inevitably led to sexual feelings, which inevitably led to sexual activity, which inevitably led to a religious crisis when it became apparent that the nuns were acting in ways which were incompatible with the vows they had taken."

Compare this account with the writings of Dr. Nancy Sherman, the architect of the new ‘ethics’ program at the U.S. Naval Academy. They are strikingly similar!

'Leadership and Ethics Training at the Academy' (click this link to see entire essay)

This essay summarizes the 'ethics' training introduced at the Academy by Dr. Nancy Sherman and her 'change agents' in the 'ethics' department. The former Superintendent, ADM Charles Larson, describes the required 'ethics' course and a new Mandatory Integrity (or Character) Development Seminar series which inculcate 'situational ethics' into the psyche of the unsuspecting midshipmen. Evidence of this trend is taken from the official publication of the USNA Alumni Association, Shipmate. A prize-winning essay by a Midshipman 3/C is analyzed for evidence of the New Age 'values clarification' program at the Academy.

'What is Sensitivity Training?'

This essay introduces the subject and traces its development to its roots in the psychological warfare experiments conducted by the U.S., Britain, and the Soviet Union during WWII. It reveals roles played by Kurt Lewin of the U.S., the Tavistock Institute in Britain, and Alexander Luria in the Soviet Union. It describes how 'sensitivity training' was introduced into the public schools K-12 education curricula, business, government, and now in the U.S. military.

'Sensitivity Training in the U.S. Military'

This essay describes the extent to which this mind-control method has been embedded into the military through a structure of equal opportunity or 'affirmative action' commissars. Specific examples from recent experience are provided.

A Real-Life ‘Sensitivity Training’ Session. Choose this link to find the truth about the totalitarian nature of ‘sensitivity training’ as it is practiced in American culture today. This ‘first hand’ account of such a session undertaken by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson is described in detail. If you have never been exposed to the most effective tool in the modern science of coercion, 'sensitivity training,' it is well worth the effort to seek out the opportunity to attend such a session. The subject of the training session was ‘Making Our K-12 Schools Safe for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Youth,’ which was the theme of the Workshop conducted under the auspices of the Center for Disease Control, the AIDS Administration of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the Maryland State Department of Education — our federal and state tax dollars at work. And what does one learn from such a ’sensitivity training’ session?

First, one learns that these sessions are extremely authoritarian and tightly controlled by the ‘facilitator.’ Second, one must understand that these 'sensitivity training' sessions are very carefully orchestrated to serve an AGENDA. The subject matter is very carefully regimented and controlled by narrowly defining the range of discussion topics. This is an important part of assuring the desired outcome. And what is that? You will either be forced to change your 'world view' on the subject matter by the coercive psychological methods of the encounter group -- using peer pressure -- or if that does not work, you will be rendered 'passive' by the confrontational atmosphere if you have a 'differing' view of the world and can be intimidated into silence. You will be rendered unable to formulate a RESISTANCE to the radical feminist agenda. And if that does not work, you will be excluded from the group. Anyone who opposes this coercion will be either silenced or expelled. That is how 'sensitivity training' is being used in America today -- in our public schools, in our elite universities and in our public discourse. That is how it was conducted in this workshop. Read this account of a real-life ‘sensitivity training’ session and become AWARE!

'What is the Frankfurt School?'

This essay summarizes the activities of a group of German Marxist intellectuals who migrated to the U.S. in 1933 and became the primary motivators behind the counter-culture revolution of the mid-1960s. It reveals who they were, what their intentions were, and how they took over the psyche of the elite Boomers who now have absolute power over every institution in America. It reveals their connections to the gurus who invented sensitivity training.

‘Cheating at the U.S. Naval Academy’

For the past two years, officials at the Academy have failed to properly discipline two Midshipmen for violations of the Honor Code. One cheated on an assigned term paper by copying (nearly verbatim) another's term paper and submitting it as his own. According to the Baltimore Sun, the school's faculty handbook states that, "...a finding that a midshipman has violated the honor code 'will normally result in separation' from the Academy." The Mids, both football players, one of whom was charged last summer with raping a female midshipman at an off-campus party in Arnold, MD, played and practiced with the team until the latter was suspended in July pending the outcome of his trial. His story is discussed in the essay entitled, "Affirmative Action at the U.S. Naval Academy," at the link 'latest news' on ethics at the academy on this page. The 'cheater' has yet to be disciplined. He has been given a 'pass.' The fact that the U.S. Naval Academy serves radical feminism and gives 'preference' to certain groups is described in 'The Pilson Case' essay at the same link above. The story regarding the latest 'cheating' scandal at the Academy is at the link to the Baltimore Sun article.

‘The Mythical John McCain’

In a one-hour special on ‘Hannity’s America, Fox News TV show (Sunday, March 16, 2008), Sean Hannity interviewed Senator John McCain. This interview produced quite an inspiring story, told on the political campaign trail to bolster support for Senator John McCain’s candidacy for president of the United States of America. In text format it renders a sense of true heroism for some in the viewing audience, and at least respect for his service to our country for all of us. But when viewed on the TV screen, McCain’s body language was quite revealing. During all of the talk of heroes, etc., he looked like a ‘deer in the headlights.’ Something was wrong. He looked as if there might be some out there in the viewing audience who would know that he was dissembling, misleading, and possibly hiding behind the ‘heroism of others’ by telling his story as if their ‘heroism’ would somehow conform to that which Hannity was attempting to attach to McCain. So I started looking for answers. I scoured the two exhaustively detailed books ‘P.O.W.’ and ‘Honor Bound,, on the subject, which have been written since the POWs returned home in March of 1973. Robert Timberg’s book [4], ‘The Nightingale’s Song,’ was also used as an excellent account of McCain’s early years. What I found was truly astounding. Senator McCain has not been telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

It is at this point that new information, heretofore privately held, but now available and previously authenticated by Department of Defense authorities at the time, documents the extent to which John McCain ‘sang like a canary’ while in the North Vietnamese hospital and in his ‘room’ during the several weeks he was at the Hoa Lo prison before being transferred to the Plantation prison complex. He revealed military information to the enemy in return for obtaining medical treatment as he had promised his interrogator, ‘the Bug.’ Such medical treatment was denied to many other, similarly wounded POWs.

This new information is summarized below and is reproduced at this hyperlink:

Within the first four days of his capture, while in his initial interrogation (26-30 October 1967) at the Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi, and while recovering from his shootdown wounds in the North Vietnamese military hospital (31 October 1967 through mid-December 1967), John McCain provided military information far beyond that which the Code of Conduct – and that which other POWs, while undergoing extreme torture – refused to divulge to the enemy. Colonel Ted Guy, McCain’s Senior Ranking Officer (SRO) while they were both imprisoned at the Plantation prison complex in Hanoi, gathered information from various sources after the POWs were released in March 1973.

This information comes from U.S. intercepts of North Vietnamese broadcasts to American servicemen in South Vietnam around 31 October 1967, as well as from dispatches by North Vietnamese and Cuban correspondents — using material from a Nhan Dan (the central organ, the voice of the Communist Party of Vietnam, then and now) correspondent who interviewed John McCain. This material was published on 9 November 1967. The latter were backed up by the intercepts of these messages by the Message Center of the U.S. Department of Defense National Military Command Center, dated 11 November 1967.

A separate interview of McCain by a Soviet Union correspondent was published by Pravda in Moscow on 8 December 1967. And finally, McCain was interviewed by a French correspondent who published a series of interviews announced on 25 December 1967 and began 27 December 1967. This interview was intercepted by the Message Center of the U.S. National Command Center and disseminated via message on 1 January 1968.

Each of these official records of John McCain’s interviews with foreign correspondents, while held captive in Hanoi is reproduced at the hyperlink above. Observe that each one of these interviews contains military information — far, far beyond the limits required by the Code of Conduct. Indeed this information is far beyond what nearly all of the POWs were severely tortured to obtain — the insignificant ‘gray area’ information such as nebulous ‘air pirate’ signed statements. Only those few who were turncoats and anti-war sympathizers among our POWs gave up more information to the enemy than did John McCain.

Indeed, John McCain made good on his promise to his interrogator, ‘the Bug,’ to provide U.S. military information in return for medical attention to his shootdown wounds. See the essay, ‘John McCain as a POW’ for the context of this promise. That essay also contains the contents of McCain’s formal confession, under duress later, as an ‘air pirate’ as well as a completely unforced interview with a Cuban psychologist during 1970 when the torture had essentially ended for most of the POWs in the North Vietnamese propaganda battle with the U.S. The latter interview gives a deep insight into the character of John McCain.

Indeed, John McCain’s gift as a ‘raconteur extraordinaire’— while both a prisoner of war in Hanoi as well as on the ‘Straight Talk Express’ is truly astounding.