Free Online First Aid Course that everyone should complete. Imagine your spouse or your child died because you lacked this important info. Just over an hour to complete to prevent a lifetime of regret.
Emergency Trauma Response
Without a doubt the most used item on my belt. A multi-tool with locking pliers.
Leatherman Crunch
Nite Ize Tool Holster
Ambidextral Gunfighter Review of the Klarus E1 Flashlight. 1000 lumens with dual switch tail cap. USB rechargeable.
Klarus E1
Ammo Armor keep dirt, lint, and debris out of your magazine. The sleeves prevent damage to the magazine and prevent the magazines from damaging other items in your pocket, pouch, or bag.
Ammo Armor
How to Become an Ambidextral Gunfighter
Do you really need a gun belt to carry inside the waistband? Yes.
Is a stiff gun belt uncomfortable? No, it's more comfortable.
Your number one priority for EDC.