Tikka T1x

Firing Pin

Update: When driving out the retaining pin behind the firing pin, be sure to not strike the firing pin with you punch. It will break.
ZP Machine Titanium Firing Pin for the Tikka T1x (top) vs stock (bottom)
Re-discovering the charms of the bolt action rifle...especially the bolt action 22LR. 
Running the Tikka T1x...mag release, bolt, trigger, and safety. Weaver V3 optic.
Can a bolt gun prevail on a Project Appleseed AQT?
How to upgrade and improve the Tikka T1x rifle stock.
Tikka T3x Recoil Pad. Yes, it also fits the T1x and provides just the right amount of length of pull.

You can probably get the Vertical Grip and recoil pad direct from the Beretta...especially if you wait for one of their sales...also a great time to load up on some T1x magazines. 
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