12:55FNS9c, A fashionable companion to the MDR? They certainly look nice together. Can a button mag release  pistol earn the Ambidextral Gunfighter green checkmark? .51 rounds per ounce
15:32Trigger is improving greatly and some improvement in the right side (left handed) slide release. 
Scala Men's Crushable Wool Outback Hat

Without a doubt the best training aid for pistols (and beneficial for rifles, too) MantisX

FNS9c Breaks Striker Tip

1:46FNS9c stops going bang after 300 rounds of live fire and approximately 1200 rounds dry/laser fire.
Slide and striker parts.
Striker missing tip. I don't recollect any evidence of primer drag.  
Because gun shot trauma all require the same emergency response whether from 22LR, 9mm, or 45ACP.