Ambidextral Rifle

Weapons Development

Bullpup X The Proper Next Generation Squad Weapon

13:16Executive Summary
Optimal Use of Cover
Optimal Use of Terrain
How to Become Ambidextrous
Why Perfect Mirroring
6:55The Ambidextral Gunfighter - Preview Trailer
17:36Episode One of The Ambidextral Gunfighter series.
Why become ambidextrous.
Optimal Use of Cover
Reduced Exposure of Flesh
Reduced Exposure of Vital Areas
29:34Episode Two of The Ambidextral Gunfighter Series
How to become ambidextrous.
Both Eyes Open
Eliminating (or at least attenuating) Eye Dominance
Physiological Mirroring
Bilateral Transfer
23:54Episode Three of The Ambidextral Gunfighter Series
What The Ambidextral Gunfighter Requires of the Ambidextral Rifle
Bilateral Transfer
Perfect Mirroring
44:26The Ambidextral Gunfighter - Review of the Desert Tech MDR (7.62/308)
Forward EjectGood Trigger
100% Perfectly Mirrored Ambi Controls
Exceptional Bolt Release PlacementBalance
Desert TechMuzzle brake reviewTarkov videoAppleseed Prep

KelTec RDB - Why (and How)

The Ambidextral Gunfighter - Review of the KelTec RDB.

Is the RDB a more affordable alternative to the Desert Tech MDR?

0:00 Welcome K-Selected0:48 Reliability2:25 RDB vs MDR19:46 RDB vs AR1529:55 Parts and Consumables31:12 Ambidextrous Battle Rifle31:51 Conclusion33:49 Appreciating RDB Virtues39:37 Choosing Just One Rifle40:01 Choosing Just One Firearm

What does it take to win gunfights?

How the US Army's Next Generation Squad Weapon program is looking at it from the wrong perspective.

Force on Force Testing
Ambidextrous Instruction
Moving Mass/Weight
How to Become Ambidextrous 
KelTec RDB Run 'n Gun
0:00 Ambidextral Gunfighter Proving Grounds0:17 Take out HVT5:28 Stopwatch obsessed "practical" shooting sports7:28 Anticipate Movement11:06 Body Armor?16:34 Know Your Opponent21:31 Two on One23:29 Is Your Opponent Restricted to Right Hand?25:21 Improving Your Kill to Loss Ratio31:25 US Army NGSW 
The Next Gen GunfighterLessons from paintballAmbidextrousCover and concealmentTerrain Steady Hold Factors and NPOAMobilitySnap and pivot inertiaOne handed carbineDiving for coverNon-fighting movement and mobility
Training the Ambidextral GunfighterEliminating eye dominanceEyes openFrom close behind cover to without coverBindon Aiming ConceptBrain mirrors skills when controls perfectly mirroredMirrored steady hold factor formTransitionsPhysiological reactions to threatsCrouchFocus on threat tunnel vision, auditory exclusionHeart rate and coarse muscle controlConvulsive gripBreaking out of physiological reaction
The NGSW CarbinePerfect ambi mirroring of controlsAmbi friendly case ejectionA crisp 5# right hand trigger vs gritty 15# leftOptimal Barrel lengthOptimal overall lengthTighter to coverSnap shootingWeight. Rounds per ounceTerminal ballistics per ounceWeight distributionMuzzle bouyancy (diving and one handed operation)Efficient controlsMalfunction handlingChamber status
Specific Bullpup Carbine ReviewAmbi mirroringCase ejectionSize & WeightMuzzle bouyancyUse with shooter slingField position accuracy AQTReliability and malfunction handlingField stripping and sparesBackpack scabbard vs carry slingAs blunt force WeaponMounting of opticTurkey neck eye reliefLow light muzzle flash
MDR after three days at the Ambidextral Gunfighter proving grounds.
KelTec RDB Testing Big Horn Mountains
Sadly, it appears that AmbGun advocacy for a true ambidextrous Next Generation Squad Weapon has failed.

The General Dynamics offering is the most promising, but with it's ejection port being configurable as EITHER left or right handed, it is not a dynamic ambi offering.

The Sig Spear is just a cobbled, committee designed bastardization of the Stoner design with Frankenstein "ambi" features. 
Trijicon ACOG and Vortex Viper 1-6 PST.

Redeploying ACOG on RDB and Viper on AR

"Opportunity cost"

"Beware of GunTubers"...third party advertising.

These emergency trauma kits are perfectly mirrored, 100% ambidextrous. is THE ambidextrous gunfighting resource. Why you should become an ambidextrous gunfighter. How you can become an ambidextrous gunfighter. What the ambidextrous gunfighter requires in his equipment.

Ambidextrous "optimal use of cover", optimal use of terrain for steady hold factors.
Training the brain so that both the left and right eye can pick up the sighting system. Perfectly mirrored controls for unconscious, bilateral transfer of skill. operation both left and right handed.