AmbGun Comms

Gear and Tools

Mobile HAM Communications. Very affordable. This is what we mounted in our motorhome as a mobile base station.
Handheld HAM Radios. Unbelievably affordable. One goes in our chase car. Sometimes, I carry one mountain biking.
Survival Antenna for Base station, Mobile, and Baofeng Handheld Radios. A "toss over a tree branch" antenna for in the field use.
4' Antenna for vehicle mobile radio. Usually bumper mounted.
15" Antenna for vehicle mobile radio (this is what we used to mount on the roof of our motorcoach.


Advice from a US Army RTO. In persona training offered across the USA...with classes often offered in Wyoming.
"Programming" sounds way more complicated than it really is. Basically, you're just storing a list of channels like maybe local police dispatch, fire department, search & rescue, or just simple general channels to monitor.
A great online or smartphone app to learn what you need to know to pass the test.
It's a bit weird doing the online exam with several proctors virtually watching over your shoulder. But it's very affordable and convenient.

AmbGun Call Sign: WY4MAL

Communication is important for bring in EMT's and medical professionals, but you have to keep the casualty alive until they get there.