Battle Sight Zero

How to Zero

A ballistic match...Pairing the Springfield Armory Hellion with the Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20 Pig-Plex Reticle Optic for a 16" swing, Maximum Point Blank Range of 425 yards
Hornady Ballistics Calculator InputsHornady Frontier 68gr HPBT 5.56 Ballistic Coefficient .355Velocity 2830 (16" barrel)Sight Height 3.65"Altitude 5,000'

Weaver V3 Very Low Powered Variable Optic

ACOG and the Bindon Aiming Concept

Testing Your Optic

Optic Clicks per MOA Check

Sight Alignment and Positioning

Get a trauma kit to patch up those tactical fudds who suffer scope bite.