America is at War

Choose this link for a series of essays dealing with the war on Jihadistan — against Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and against Iraq to ensure that weapons of mass destruction do not become instruments of terror in the hands of irrational fundamentalists who would use them to cause grave harm to Americans in the future. The Cold War was fought and won without an exchange of such weapons, but this is a different situation. Although a dedicated ideological enemy, the leaders of the Soviet Union were considered to be practical men who were rational and would not indiscriminately and without cause launch weapons of mass destruction against Americans and our homeland. We have no such confidence in the enemy leadership, Islamists who are dedicated to carrying out a war of terror with global reach.

America is at War During the course of research in support of a new book, Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson CDR USN (Ret.) has composed several essays under the general title, ‘Is America Ready to go to War?’ The context of the these essays is that we are now stuck with President William Jefferson Clinton's armed forces. The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps on which we depend for conducting such wars is, indeed, Clinton's -- not President Bush's -- military. The debate being conducted today in the nation's mass news media outlets (newspapers, TV, talk shows, etc.) deals primarily with 'personalities' rather than substance, trivia-cum-politics vice insight, and current events sound bites instead of the historical record.

For example, everyone tends to forget that the long eight years in the 1990s, during which the Clinton administration attempted to 'socialize' the armed forces as well as over-commit and under-fund it, has resulted in band-aided, duct-taped equipment and over-deployed and demoralized military personnel -- a fighting force from which the 'warrior spirit' has been purged and replaced by a COOing, job corps mentality which extended the non-fighting 'tail' beyond comprehension. The point is, that within the next one or two years, America will be fighting whatever war it is committed to fight with Clinton's army, not Bush's army. Sufficient time and money have not been expended to raise the readiness of our nation's military -- equipment and personnel readiness -- to the level that is necessary to carry out a concerted, real-life, non-fantasy, casualty-suffering war, involving ground forces on a large scale that will be necessary to prevail.

The first essay, entitled ‘The Occupation of Iraq,’ explains why such an occupation would depend on a military which has been ‘socialized’ beyond belief over the eight long years of the Clintons’ administration. The dangers that lurk in a foreign policy involving the protecting of Iraq’s borders and controlling its political and economic infrastructure are described and analyzed. The ‘occupation force’ required to carry this out over an extended period of time could result in 50,000 terrorist ‘targets,’ at least fifteen percent of which will be America’s sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers. Wake up America!

The second essay, entitled ‘Hollow Force Debate Results’ stems from a debate I actively pursued on the Internet with 151 active-duty and retired U.S. Navy officers over the past 22 months or so. Members of the other armed services have participated indirectly via comment on the debate. You may be surprised at the results.

The third essay, entitled, ‘The Pretender: Anatomy of a Collaborator,’ is a detailed description of one of the debaters who, more than any other, typifies a significant minority of Boomer generation naval officers who were and are ready and willing to carry the Clintons’ counter-culture revolution into the military establishment. You may or may not be surprised at his identity.

The fourth essay, entitled, ‘The ‘Enabler’: Anatomy of a Closet Leftist,’ lifts the veil from a flag-rank naval officer who imposed the flawed and destructive New Age ‘ethics’ program on the U.S. Naval Academy. Upon retirement, he joined the radical leftist Kathleen Kennedy Townsend ticket for Governor of the State of Maryland to be decided in the November 2002 election. This move reveals as much about his agenda at the Naval Academy as it does about Maryland politics.

The fifth essay, entitled, ‘The Military/Civilian Culture Gap,’ characterizes the ‘gap’ that widened between military and civilian elites during the Clinton presidency. While much has been written about the ‘gap,’ this essay introduces a new concept; that of a ‘generational’ schism that has been heretofore overlooked. The sixth essay, ‘The Generational Aspect of the Gap’ describes the ‘gap’ in broader terms of the ‘cycles’ of history and Chaos Theory. Are we ready?

My Opposition to Women-in-Combat and How I Got There: A Strange Journey. Read this speech by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson, CDR USN (Ret.) given to the Jacksonville, Florida branch of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association on 8 March 2002. A full-house of over 75 USNA alumni and their wives were in attendance. Retired flag-rank officers and others from WWII classes and classes through the ‘70s and ‘80s and a few alums in the mid-‘90s classes attended. A congenial and spirited question and answer period followed on the subject of the New Age Ethics program at the U.S. Naval Academy. The speech summarizes Dr. Atkinson’s experiences among the elites of the Boomer generation from his immersion in their culture in the mid-1960s as a doctoral student at the University of Michigan through his tour of duty in the Office of the Secretary of Defense with Henry Kissinger’s Verification Panel Working Group on the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks and culminating in his conclusions concerning this generation of Americans as they grasped the reigns of national executive power in the 1990s. These observations are placed in the context of the current war against terrorism.

America is at War. This war is being fought on two fronts — at home and abroad. The war at home is being fought against two major threats — our indigenous ‘enemies within’ and our alien ‘enemies within.’ Chose this link to access three essays by Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson which build on the theme of America’s indigenous ‘enemies within,’ addressed in part by RADM C.A. ‘Mark’ Hill, Jr. USN (Ret.) in his essay below. These essays deal with the similarity between the radical ‘terrorists’ of the Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army, Black Panthers and other violence-prone ‘terrorist’ organizations of the 1970s and the terrorists who vaporized some 3,000 or so Americans on 11 September. The same people who hated America then are organizing anti-war protest movements against our war against Jihadistan now — as they and their sympathizers did in the mid-1960s. Find out who these ‘enemies within’ are. You may or may not be surprised at the connection of what we see developing now and what history tells us about them in their young adulthood when they spawned their counter-culture revolution.

In addition, an essay that reveals a continuation of this hate-America attitude among the intellectual elite in our mass media, academia, and politics is revealed in a review of the new book, Empire. Read this review to find the direction these media and academic ‘intellectuals’ — our New Age power elites — would take us in their next Big Idea.

Finally, read the commentary by Victor Davis Hanson who is a brilliant classical scholar and author of many books on ancient Greek culture and Western civilization. His commentary explains several ‘myths’ concerning the Islamic fundamentalist attack on America. His views on the Western Way of War and Western civilization in general should give us heart that we will prevail. He urges us to find the leaders, both civilian and military, who will rise to the occasion and lead America to victory. He believes we will. He also provides insight (with examples from ancient Greece) into the ‘generational’ aspect of history, which I have described above at the link, Chaos Theory and Generations. Hmmmmmm! Interesting stuff.

America is at War. The second threat at home in the war against terrorism is from our alien ‘enemies within.’ As Sun-tzu, the ancient Chinese military strategist warns, the terrorist ‘fish’ swims in the sea of those who support his guerrilla terrorist goals. Radical Muslims are disproportionately represented in America among those who have immigrated to America over the past 30 years. There is evidence that this Islamic diaspora shields a large number of Islamic fundamentalists who would do us great harm. This alien Fifth Column living among us interacts in a non-linear way with the indigenous Fifth Column (our indigenous ‘enemies within’ — see the essay above) in such a manner that it will be extremely difficult to root out the terrorist ‘fish’ among us. The interaction of these two threats paints a grave picture for the future of American civilization. This interaction is not of a conspiratorial nature. It can be described in terms of Chaos Theory and Generations. Hmmmm! More Interesting stuff.

America is at War. At this link please find a series of essays which discuss three threats to the survival of American civilization. You will find that we are now, since the 11 September terrorist attack on America, engaged in a Nontrinitarian War which has been described by the ancient Chinese military strategist, Sun-tzu, and more recently by the prescient military historian, Martin Van Creveld. I described this threat in an essay written in 1994. This essay is posted at the link: The Threat as I Saw It. During the first week after the attack, I have appeared on numerous radio talk shows from California to Washington, D.C. and on Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch Report on The Renaissance Network television program in Washington, D.C. on which I made the points summarized in these essays. As a result of this discussion, I was invited as a guest on a nationwide radio program, Larry’s Judicial Watch Report, which also featured former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger and a former FBI agent. At this link you will find a description of the enemy — Jihadistan — in a kind of war in which we are engaged, Nontrinitarian War, and a brilliant intelligence report on how this war will be No Easy Battle. You will also find my analysis of what must and must not be done in the mobilization of America to fight and WIN this war.

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Lt. Col. West and the Feminization of American Culture

Lt. Col. Allen B. West and the Feminization of American Culture On 29 October 2003, the U.S. Army filed a criminal assault charge against an Lt. Col. Allen B. West, who frightened an Iraqi informant into providing information that foiled a planned attack on U.S. soldiers. The travesty of the Army’s handling of the ‘West Affair’ is much more serious than the ruin of an outstanding officer’s career. It is much more important than the dark and vicious ‘behind the scenes’ initial attempt of the Army, through its lawyers, to ‘reward’ a decorated soldier by offering him two choices: resign, short of his imminent 20-year retirement eligibility or face criminal proceedings that could lead to a trial – with the risk of a maximum penalty of eight years in prison. It is much more revealing than a self-serving high-rank military leadership’s lack of concern for morale (of the troops and their families) than initially attempting to force Lt.Col. West to forego his hard-earned retirement worth more than $1 million in pay and health benefits over his life expectancy.

The ’West Affair’ is much more loaded with unintended consequences to the continued loss of the ‘warrior ethos’ in our armed forces due to the Army’s ultimate humiliation of Lt.Col. West by summarily relieving him of his battalion command for an act that nearly every American combatant, who saw brutal hand-to-hand action on the ground in our previous wars, fully support as necessary in gathering battlefield intelligence. In today’s war against a determined terrorist zealotry, such techniques are mandatory – not punishable – if America is to win and survive.

The ‘West Affair’ has implications for the survival of American civilization. It is just that important. Great empires of the past have similarly dissolved, disintegrated, and disappeared as a result of the same malady that holds America in its grasp – the feminization of their culture. Why few in America realize this truth in its stark reality and its dark implications for the future – most concern themselves with the minute details of the media’s entertaining but trivial political ‘issue of the day’ – tells us more about America than it does about the primary actors in the ‘West Affair.’

The final decision of West’s commanding officer to impose a $5,000 fine and allow him to retire on 20-years service is not ‘good news,’ as some national news media have shouted in headlines. It is a disaster, not only for Lt. Col. West but for the Army, the U.S. military and the American people. The CYA political solution to the ‘West Affair’ is a coverup of the larger story here. The story has more, much more to do with a major problem that ‘oozes’ out of the ‘West Affair’ — the purposeful feminization of American culture. It has reached deep into the soul of the penultimate institution to be so affected – the U.S. military. And it continues to permeate the military and the mass media.

Learn who the villains are in this story. They are not just the immediate actors in it — they are only symptoms of what has been at the heart of the disintegration of American civilization for nearly four decades. The real villains are those who have engineered the feminization of America. They are described in some detail in the essay at the links above.

We must insist on keeping, honoring, and promoting the Lt.Col. Wests in our armed forces and free them to fight this brutal guerrilla war in such a way that we have a chance to win it. If we do not, American civilization will go the same route the ancient Greek empire traveled – to dissolution, disintegration, despair -- and will disappear. Feminized, weak, and corrupted beyond reclamation.

Neocons, Israel, and the Invasion of Iraq This essay is a continuation of the subject of the invasion and occupation of Iraq in the war against Jihadistan — our ‘stateless’ yet real and dangerous enemy who attacked America on 11 September 2001, the first such external attack on our homeland since the War of 1812. The first essay which addressed this subject, ‘The Occupation of Iraq,’ pointed out the dangers — since realized — of a long-lasting occupation of that state. This essay comes to grips with the reality that a strong American response to state-sponsored terrorism of global reach was necessary to the survival of American civilization. ‘Regime change’ in Iraq was mandatory. Fortress America with both control of the seas and a dominant ‘forward presence,’ supporting a preemptive war against Islamic terrorism are paramount in the defense of America. The spread of ‘democracy’ by force of arms in the Middle East is not. This essay supports that point of view.

The role of Neoconservatives is assessed in terms of their role in America’s decision to invade Iraq. In order to make this assessment, it was necessary to answer the question ‘Just Who are the Neoconservatives who some claim to be in the service of Israel while others claim to be the intellectual leaders of a conservative movement which is attempting to ‘right the wrongs’ of liberalism gone awry in America. In support of an answer to this question it was even more important to make an impartial yet comprehensive review of the history of the Jewish people. This review is available at links within this essay.

So, what is the answer to the question posed? Does it matter that the founders of the neoconservative movement were former Trotskyite Communists in their youth? Does it matter that some of them were ‘Red Diaper Babies’ who, while members of the new-Left, orchestrated the counter-culture revolution in America in their coming-of-age years? Does it matter that these people were and are mostly Jewish?

Those of us who have not made up our minds on these questions may well have to do some honest soul-searching on them. We must be able to make a studied conclusion on the basis of the history of not only the Jewish people, but that of America, Western civilization, and the rest of the world.

In coming to a conclusion on this subject, one must realize that the world has changed drastically since the end of the Cold War. And one must understand that Americans stand on a precipice of individual decisions that will determine our nation’s survival. The outcome of the next presidential election will be a major milestone in whether or not Americans have the will and courage to persevere in the coming decades-long struggle with Islamic terrorism of global reach.

The invasion of Iraq and ‘regime change’ there were absolutely necessary — even if the Neocons and Israel did not exist. It is now even more important that we ‘win’ in Iraq. What ‘winning’ means will answer all the questions. Some answers are found in this and a follow-on essay to come. It will address an American Empire?

John Kerry: The Anti-War Candidate John Kerry, Jane Fonda, Tim O’Brien, Toni Morrison, and Michael Moore. What do these people have in common? If you watched the Democratic National Convention during the week of 26 July 2004, you observed the ‘power elites’ of the Boomer generation in the glow of their mid-life years. The several thousand delegates were mostly aging revolutionaries who brought us the counter-culture revolution (women’s liberation, anti-Vietnam War, and the New Left) of the 1960s or their heirs. The ‘hippies’ of that generation are gone – living in abandoned vehicles, shacks, and trailers in the mountains of Colorado, the wilds of Oregon, the moneyed ‘recreational’ drug culture of Hollywood and the artsy large cities. But the ‘movers and shakers’ of that generation, the eight million or so who attended Yale, Harvard, and other leading universities during their ‘coming of age’ years have moved on to ‘leadership’ roles in every institution in the land – as does the ‘elite’ of every generation in their time.

John Kerry is the iconic presidential candidate representing ‘that America.’ The delegates to the DNC are the personal embodiment of the continuation of that movement. Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson has written extensive reviews of the books and movies by the above-named representatives of ‘that America.’ They reside on this Web Site. When taken together, along with a review of John Kerry’s record, they represent a vivid picture of a single human emotion – hatred. These people hate middle-America, the folks who live in the ‘Red’ map counties and towns of the 2000-Presidential Election.

Take a look at the reviews on this Web Site, starting with John Kerry: The Anti-War Candidate, and follow the links in that essay to those dealing with Jane Fonda, Tim O’Brien, Toni Morrison, and Michael Moore. You will see the common thread that binds these ‘revolutionaries’ together. It is not a pretty sight. These anti-Vietnam War activists in their youth may be forgiven (by some) as young ‘idealists’ for their betrayal then (Vietnam was important as a part of our ‘winning’ the Cold War) but not for their betrayal in the much more strategically important war in which America is now engaged – a World War against radical Islam. The latter is a war in which our survival as a civilization is at stake. A vote for John Kerry is a vote for each of these revolutionaries and their followers. And in the end of ends, a vote for Kerry is a vote for the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and (eventually) a Wahabbist Islamic victory over America. The upcoming election will determine whether or not the American people will maintain the will to persevere and win this war.

The one new aspect of all of the above-described supporters of John Kerry is the impact of Michael Moore, the scrubby profaner of documentary filmmaking. His latest movie, ‘Fahrenheit 9/11,’ is an anti-war, hate-America propaganda film in the genre of Leni Riefenstahl who achieved pariah status in social and artistic circles for her indictment as a Nazi sympathizer (and subsequent four years in prison) at the end of World War II. Her two major works were funded by, and intended to glorify Hitler and the Nazis. I have addressed this aspect of the 2004 presidential election in two new essays on this Web Site. One, ‘Small-Town America: The Heartland,’ contains a detailed critique of Michael Moore’s movie and provides evidence based on personal, professional experience regarding the necessity of America’s invasion of Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein from power.

The other essay, ‘Michael Moore, John, and Me,’ describes how three ‘home-town boys’ from Davison, Michigan could and did take entirely different paths to adulthood from a relatively ‘traditional,’ ‘common-sense’ conservative (‘Red’ town) environment in a ‘Blue’ county state. It provides insight into why two of these young men can never come ‘home’ after their experiment with the ‘looney Left’ and betrayal of the values held by America’s heartland. It is a story which is a microcosm of the entire ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ geographical map of the 2000 presidential election. As such it is a description of the culture war that America is fighting inside its borders. This story, along with the background and subtext of the first essay above, is a story that bears directly on the importance of the 2004 presidential election to the survival of American civilization.

John Kerry: The Manchurian Candidate At this link you will find undeniable truth as to why a John Kerry presidency would be a monumental disaster for America, not only domestically but primarily for the role of Commander-in-Chief. Television political advertisements attacking (8/17/04) the conduct of the U.S. anti-terrorist campaign in Iraq show an American soldier sinking chest-deep into desert sand as he tries to keep his rifle above his head. The ad intones “[The President] got us into this quagmire. It will take a new president to get us out.” The ad paints the image of a soldier surrendering, a defeated American soldier.

A New York Times columnist, in the same vein, asks, “Who will be the last to die for his mistake?” A spokesperson for the Kerry campaign proudly proclaims “It took us 10 years to turn the American people against the Vietnam War, we have only five weeks remaining to turn them against the war in Iraq.” These emotionally charged items make direct links to the anti-war movement in America in the early 1970s led by John Kerry and his Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW).

At the hyperlink above to a summary of and access to the November/December 2004 issue of the Eternal Vigilance Journal, and learn how John Kerry was wrong then regarding his 1971 anti-war testimony to Congress in 1971 just as he is wrong now about the war against Islamic terrorists of global reach.

‘Stolen Honor’ — the film — and the Hysterical Left At the hyperlink to the left, you can download and play the 42-minute film produced by Sinclair Broadcast Corporation. See why the Kerry campaign is doing everything possible to keep America from seeing this film. It is a damning indictment of John Kerry and his anti-war activities in 1971 with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. It gives visual and spoken testimony by our former Vietnam War POWs, highly decorated combat veterans – some who have been awarded the nation’s highest medal, the Medal of Honor -- of the damage done to them and all veterans who fought in that war by John Kerry’s anti-war activities.

Please watch this moving testimony by those (Bud Day, Robbie Risner, Paul Galanti, and others) who have suffered at the hands of a brutal enemy and at the hands of John Kerry and his faux ‘band of brothers.’ Conscientious American citizens must see this film before casting a vote for president on 2 November. The torture our POWs endured, both physical and psychological, is starkly portrayed with candor and quiet moral power. They accuse John Kerry of betraying them in their captivity.