How To Become Ambidextrous

Why are we learning to be ambidextrous?
"Optimal Use of Cover"
How? First coarse muscle movements, then mentalOnly requirement is relatively balanced visual acuityNo live fire during the processDo this at home, in your backyard, in your basementUse your unloaded rifleCoarse muscle movementJust moving the rifle from right to left and backCover or remove sightTransition in slow motionFocus on the your body, mirror body positionProprioception and kinaesthesia...kinetic - motionBullpup muzzle on targetAR muzzle up and down...balance and to keep close to coverWhy we want to use crude manipulations in transition...under stress, fine motor control is greatly diminished. Hand to hand, failure of precise finger movements could cause problemHand to hand in high stress could result in entanglements with other gear causing awkwardness and maybe even dropping the weapon.
A red dot or an unmagnified lighted reticle LPVO is very helpful in learning to become ambidextrous. Shield Sights are made in the UK. Excellent quality, with the features you need, and no gain of function collusion with PRC.
Training your brain’s use of your eyesRed dot, ACOG, lighted reticle, irons (peep sight). Hyper reality of ACOG probably helps draw the brain to that eye.If using a magnified optic make sure it is installed with the correct eye relief. In Project Appleseed we teach “turkey neck, cheek weld” for precision marksmanship, to isolate ambi training a comfortable, relaxed cheek weld is fine as long as the optic is properly placed.Obstructed eye has almost no valuable information so brain favors sighting eyePlace a target, a post it notePlace barrier about 10 yards from the target, (inflatable paintball bunker, cardboard box, tree, utility pole)Both Eyes Openno partial squintingBoth eyes relaxedProcessSleep Repeat
Start close to cover and do the drill then...Back one more yard behind coverBoth Eyes Open no partial squintingBoth eyes relaxedObstructed eye gets a little more information from the environmentProcessSleep Repeat
Start close to cover, then one yard, then...Two yards back from coverBoth Eyes Open no partial squinting Both eyes relaxedNot only needed for training ambi, but both eyes open is important for depth perception, balance, and peripheral situational awareness“Obstructed” eye is getting more from the environmentObstructed eye only has about 50% of the environmental information as the sighting eye.In real life when you are moving, you will want to favor “shadowing” any available bits of cover ProcessSleep Repeat
Start close to cover, then one yard, then two yards, then...Three yards back from cover“Obstructed” eye is getting quite a bit more information from the environmentObstructed eye is competing with the sighting eye to get the brain’s attention. The brain is learning to favor the sighting eye, regardless of whether it is left or right eyeYet the visual information delivered by the obstructed eye is peripherally available.Boosts Situational awareness.Both Eyes Open no partial squinting Both eyes relaxedProcessSleep Repeat
Start Close behind cover, then one yard, then two, then three, then four, then...Remove the cover or step completely clear of the coverNo obstruction to between you and the targetBoth Eyes Open no partial squinting Both eyes relaxedBindon Aiming ConceptProcessSleep Repeat
Start Close behind cover, then one yard, then two, then three, then four, then No obstruction between you and the targetEstablish sight picture then without transitioningMentally change focus from sighting eye to non-sighting eye then back to sighting eye.Left and RightGet inside the sights then switch to the other eye and notice the side of your rifle and your surroundings, then back to the sights.
Join the MantisX AmbGun Group for free. The group's goal is to encourage full, ambidextrous operation of firearms, point shooting, and dry fire practice using the MantisX10. 

Ambidextral (ambidextrous) Pistols

Three reasons you should carry and present left handed...Once fully ambidextrous.

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