KelTec P17

What advantages does the KelTec P17 bring to the self defense arena? How does it compare to a centerfire 9mm for self defense? What is the lifetime cost of training with a P17 vs a 9mm? Why is the P17 ideal for family self defense? What are the maintenance issues that plague the typical 9mm pistol? How easy is it to maintain a P17? Which pistol is best for manipulating with bloody hands?
RTFM (page 8 of the manual)
Dry fire and MantisX10 Elite practice with the rimfire KelTec P17 means either using short lived 22LR snap caps, removing the firing pin, or using an AmbGun Hammer Block.
The KelTec P17 can be a challenge to find. Check out

Sometimes the P17 is available at Rural King
KelTec P17 is a 22LR pistol that deserves a spot in every household. 3 Roles3.5 Times the Rounds3.8 Inch Barrel3 Pound Trigger1/3 the Price

TAGM Kydex IWB Holster for P17 & Hammer Block

No customer service, no returns. Few fucks given.
It’ll probably cause a negligent discharge or maybe blow up your gun, so there’s that.
With any luck it will feature improvements over my first prototype.
Who knows when it’ll ship, maybe in 3 days or 3 weeks, but it ships for free!
Includes one P17 Hammer Block
P17 IWB Holster Do it Yourself

$120 $32 + $5.46 shipping

KelTec P17 1000 Rounds100 rounds of "Remington" 5 malfs 350 rounds of CCI Mini Mag 0 malfs 600 rounds of CCI AR Tactical 0 malfs
One year after acquiring our first KelTec P17, are we still charmed?
Manual Safety Not Guaranteed - It'll Get You Killed?

Can the P17 Handle a Red Dot Sight?

KelTec P17 in Stock at
Shield Sights are made in the UK. Excellent quality, with the features you need, and no gain of function collusion with PRC. To reduce reciprocating mass just a tiny bit, AmbGun recommends the SMSc over the RMSc for the P17.

Dry Fire the P17

Dry Fire Your KelTec P17

(3) Pack
Hammer Block for KelTec P17
For Dry fire only, not a device meant to prevent firing of live ammo.
Remove ammo from the pistol before use.
Prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin
Prevents damage to the firing pin tip when dry firing.
Ships for free!

Combine with the MantisX10 Elite for the most effective dry fire practice.


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KelTec PF9

Why the Kel-Tec PF9 is my CCW instead of the Ambidextral PPQIn a previous review, I call the Walther PPQ M1 Classic THE Ambidextral Pistol...yet, for daily carry I still favor the Kel-Tec PF9. Why?.55 rounds per ounce
Kel-Tec PF9. Compact and Lightweight.
Holster and Carry Options
Because gun shot trauma all require the same emergency response whether from 22LR, 9mm, or 45ACP.