Ambidextral AR15

ARs, like this Blackout Quantum Dual Taper,  that have eliminated the forward assist are ideal for the Ambidextral Gunfighter. 

Parts to Ambi Your AR for "Optimal Use of Cover"

Radian Talon 45/90 Ambidextrous Safety Awesome ambi and 45 degree throw but you will need two kits in order to have perfectly mirrored levers. The 4 combo kit is not for idential pairs, but only one lever of each length. For bilateral transfer of skill, perfect mirroring is essential. 
Arms Unlimited Ambi Mag Release
AmbGun Tested

A serviceable solution to ambi mag release. 
Radian Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle. Best when used with upper without Forward Assist. 
MagPul B.A.D. Lever  
Not perfectly mirrored. Not recommended