Ruggedized Micro Reflex Pistol Optics

Episode One

Shield RMSc & SMSc. Unbox, Compare, Install, Zero
(use KDSSS10 for 10% discount)
Shield RMSc
KDSSS10 for 10% discount)
Shield SMSc.
KDSSS10 for 10% discount)
Both eyes open with two red dot equipped pistols.
9mm Training Laser
Shield Sights RMSc/SMSc (use KDSSS10 for 10% discount)
Using an Action Target 22LR Dueling Tree for some Dual Wielding practice with the RMSc equipped Browning Buck Mark and the SMSc equipped KelTec P17.
Action Target Dueling Treeb
Shield Sights RMSc/SMSc (use KDSSS10 for 10% discount)
Do you need a sight that you can one hand rack against a fence post?
Shield Sights RMSc (10% off with KDSSS10)
Trijicon RMRcc

Convert from the proprietary Sig Sauer P365 accessory rail to a picatinny style rail.

Recover Tactical ZR65 Picatinny Rail Adapter

The Ambidextral Gunfighter admiration for the Action Target 22LR Dueling Tree.
Action Target Dueling Tree
Funding the Gain of function of CCP kinetic technology.
Providing R&D for kinetic gain of function for CCP weapons.
Red dots help you put projectiles in the bad guys. These kits help you take 'em out of the good guys. (actually, just seal 'em up for transport)