Springfield Armory Hellion
aka HS Produkt VHS2

AmbGun is a huge fan of ambidextrous bullpup rifles.

  • SBR-like overall length allows the gunfighter to stay close to cover

  • The longer barrel retains ballistic energy better than equivalent length conventional rifle

  • Centered weight distribution permits "muzzle up on target" ambidextrous transitions

  • Mass closer to body makes for quicker snap shooting from cover

  • Shorter overall length reduces muzzle deflection due to wind

  • One handed shooting is more accurate and sustainable than with a conventional rifle

  • Comparing the Hellion to the Desert Tech MDR and KelTec RDB.

Hellion Review Preview (running AimPoint T2)
Weaver V3 (1-3x) is called up to prepare for AQT.
8.5 ounces, low mounting and almost co-witnesses with BIS.
The rings I had on hand are about 2/10" too high.
Rings with 3/10" saddle height (or 8/10" from Pic Rail to center of optic) would be perfect.

Hellion Review Notes
(open for public comments)


Pre-Testing: Current Assets vs Current Liabilities Analysis