Springfield Armory Hellion
aka HS Produkt VHS2

AmbGun is a huge fan of ambidextrous bullpup rifles.

  • SBR-like overall length allows the gunfighter to stay close to cover
  • The longer barrel retains ballistic energy better than equivalent overall length conventional rifle
  • Centered weight distribution permits "muzzle up on target" ambidextrous transitions
  • Mass closer to body makes for quicker snap shooting from cover
  • Shorter overall length reduces muzzle deflection due to wind
  • One handed shooting is more accurate and sustainable than with a conventional rifle
  • Comparing the Hellion to the Desert Tech MDR and KelTec RDB.
We've solved the ambidextrous sling traveler issue reported in this review. Video is forthcoming, but basically we used a MagPul MS4 with quick release ends and rather than using the rear buttstock quick release created a paracord traveler using the two rear loops with the paracord run through the MS4 D-Ring. Works just like the RDB Sling Traveler
Since the analysis for this video, I've changed my opinion on several scores for the Hellion that greatly narrow the gap between it and the RDB. After thousands of rounds of dry firing, the trigger has greatly improved...possibly due to Sentry Tuf-Glide...so I now consider it the equal of the Desert Tech MDR. And after many field strip disassemblies, I've found the "optic to barrel" connection has remained tight and durable, so I have improved the Hellion's score on this. I have also solved the sling issue where I was having problems replicating the "sling traveler" I use on the RDB...so the Hellion narrows the gap. I installed a BCM Gunfighter 3.0 KD shorty grip...just the right length reducing vertical height and saves weight. 
Check out the spreadsheet below for the details and to learn at what price I think the Hellion needs to sell for to be equal to the RDB. 
Hellion Review Preview (running AimPoint T2)
Weaver V3 (1-3x) is called up to prepare for AQT.
8.5 ounces, low mounting and almost co-witnesses with BIS.
Rings with 3/10" saddle height (or 8/10" from Pic Rail to center of optic) are perfect. 
Leupold VX-Freedom Pig-Plex reticle is mounted. The Hellion is ready to misbehave.
I sought out the Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4 LPVO to run on the Springfield Armory Hellion to keep the topside weight to a minimum…the bullpup rifle is already a bit tippy and this riflescope only weighs 9.6 ounces…and the Leupold’s 1.56” diameter eyepiece that allows me to mount the optic on low rings just barely clearing the picatinny rail…and co-witnessing with the Hellion’s pop up iron sights.
I chose the Pig-Plex reticle over the MOA-Ring so that I could use the top of the ring as a 4.5 MOA hold under when zeroed for a Maximum Point Blank Range zero of 425 yards. That is a near zero of 37 yards, a distant zero of 360 yards. The trajectory’s apogee is then around 4 to 4.7 MOA high from about 75-200 yards…hence the Pig-Plex ring as a hold under. For details see our video “Maximum Point Blank Range Hellion and Leupold Pig-Plex Zero”.
A ballistic match...Pairing the Springfield Armory Hellion with the Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20 Pig-Plex Reticle Optic for a 16" swing, Maximum Point Blank Range of 425 yards
Hornady Ballistics Calculator InputsHornady Frontier 68gr HPBT 5.56 Ballistic Coefficient .355Velocity 2830 (16" barrel)Sight Height 3.65"Altitude 5,000'
Chinese copy of the awesome, hammer forged Versa-Vise. (if you can find an original, expect to pay MUCH more).  Used this versatile vise to remove the staked thumb nuts from the Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4 Pig Plex riflescope.

Pre-Testing: Current Assets vs Current Liabilities Analysis

Based upon ballistic calculations running a 68gr BTHP, I think the Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4X20 with the Pig-Plex reticle is almost ideally suited to the Hellion's high sight over bore (3.65"). Plus this optic's 9.6 ounces will avoid exacerbation of the bullpup rifle's already top heavy feel.
Hellion Trajectory

"Opportunity cost"

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For that 5.56 trauma