After testing the Desert Tech, we take another look at the Bravo Company RECCE from the Ambidextral Gunfighter perspective. 
BlackbeardX - AR15 Auto-Resetting Dry Fire Training System

Auto-Resetting Trigger 
Integrated Green or Red Training LaserIntegrated MantisX analyzes your shooting in real timeCompatible with Mantis Laser Academy
94% of shooters improve after using MantisX for just 20 minutes

BlackbeardX - AR15 Auto-Resetting Dry Fire Training System

MantisX10 Elite - Dry Fire , Live Fire, Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Archery
MantisX3  - Dry Fire, Live Fire, Handgun, Rifle
MantisX2 - Dry Fire Only, Handgun, Rifle
Mantis Laser Academy

Ambi Your AR for "Optimal Use of Cover"

Radian Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle. Best when used with upper without Forward Assist. 
Radian Talon 45/90 Ambidextrous Safety Awesome ambi and 45 degree throw
MagPul B.A.D. Lever  
Not perfectly mirrored. Not recommended
How to zero a BCM RECCE with an  4x32 Chevron Reticle ACOG at 25 yards.
Decided that a better allocation of resources means moving the ACOG from my BCM RECCE to the KelTec RDB and fitting the BCM with a Vortex Viper 1-6 PST Gen 2 LPVO. And from there I digress into comparing the AR with the RDB...from the Ambidextral Gunfighter perspective. 

AR15 vs RDB during adverse wind conditions.
Chapters0:00 Breaking Wind1:52 Left Hand AR2:44 Right Hand AR4:20 Right Hand RDB5:03 Left Hand RDB6:22 Dry Fire7:45 Conclusion8:52 Spreadsheet9:54 Targets10:30 Left vs Right11:29 New Ambi Advantage12:01 RDB vs AR14:38 Other Platforms
"Weapon of War" vs Hunting Rifle...For the Ignorant Bedwetters and Manipulative Powerlusters.
Both rifles are, or can be, weapons of war...if need be.
MDR vs AR Ambidextrous One Handed

Some light testing comparing MDR to AR one handed shooting...left and right one handed. 
Why I am not a fan of the "Forward Assist".1. Interferes with ambi2. Induces malfunctions3. Is not needed.
The pinnacle of the Stoner design, the BCM RECCE, made ambidextral gunfighter friendly. 
In the crucible of paintball we discovered that the key to reducing your trips to the deadbox was becoming a fully ambidextrous gunfighter. It is not a difficult skill to learn. All soldiers who are sent into harms way, for real, should be fully trained in ambidextrous gunfighting techniques. Many improvements are also needed in making our combat rifles truly ambidextrous.
The modern AR15 is at the pinnacle of its refinement. Just like these Mountain Man Trauma Kits.