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11 Jun 2010 - 9 Jun 2016

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Latest News on the New ‘Ethics’ Program at the U.S. Naval Academy

Cheating at the U.S. Naval Academy. For the past two years (since the Spring of 1999), officials at the Academy have failed to properly discipline two Midshipmen for violations of the Honor Code. One cheated on an assigned term paper by copying (nearly verbatim) another's term paper and submitting it as his own. According to the Baltimore Sun, the school's faculty handbook states that, "...a finding that a midshipman has violated the honor code 'will normally result in separation' from the Academy." The Mids, both football players, one of whom was charged last summer with raping a female midshipman at an off-campus party in Arnold, MD, played and practiced with the team until the latter was suspended in July pending the outcome of his trial. His story is discussed in the essay entitled, "Affirmative Action at the U.S. Naval Academy. The 'cheater' has yet to be disciplined. He has been given a 'pass.' The fact that the U.S. Naval Academy serves radical feminism and gives 'preference' to certain groups is described in 'The Pilson Case' essay (see below). The story regarding the latest 'cheating' scandal at the Academy is at the Baltimore Sun link.

Just 'click' this hyperlink to view the story. When military authorities are terrified of disciplining certain groups of Midshipmen, they lose the moral authority to discipline anyone at the Academy. Political correctness runs rampant in the U.S. military -- and this situation is vividly apparent at the U.S. Naval Academy. The inmates are running the asylum.

Why does the U.S. Naval Academy Serve Radical Feminism: The Pilson Case. Now a third Naval Academy midshipman has been charged with the rape of a female midshipman, the same one who had previously accused two other male mids of the same crime. Navy authorities have not taken disciplinary action against any of the alleged rapists. All three have been suspended from the football team on which they had earned starting positions. But Academy officials apparently have not taken any disciplinary actions nor have they presumably initiated their own investigation of the circumstances. All three alleged perpetrators are attending normally scheduled classes. This absence of disciplinary action for minority and female midshipmen at the academy raises a whole host of serious questions. The Academy in the past has conducted discriminatory witch-hunts aimed at individuals of ‘unprotected’ groups and has succumbed to media and radical feminist pressures to prosecute to the fullest extent of the disciplinary code for infractions where the alleged ‘victims’ were female. At this link is a review of a previous case wherein Midshipman Michael Pilson was expelled for having consensual sex with a female midshipman who was allowed to graduate. Other cases of favoritism for females at the Academy lead a rational observer to wonder whether or not affirmative action has gone terribly awry at the Navy’s premiere educational institution.

Affirmative Action at the U.S. Naval Academy. Choose this link to view an update (as of 8/15/01) on recent rash of accusations of rape by female midshipmen at the Academy and the response of Navy leadership to this phenomenon. These are only surface indicators of the Academy’s systemic problem — one imposed by the guidelines from Congress and the Executive Branch of our government, under both Democrat and Republican administrations. Affirmative action is destroying the U.S. military. And it is nowhere more apparent than at the U.S. Naval Academy.

To view a response to this essay by a USNA alumnus, which is a perfect example of the Critical Theory approach of ‘collaborators’ in the counter-culture war against America, click on this link (the unwitting collaborator).

To learn of the Frankfurt School revolutionaries and to understand how Critical Theory was developed by the ‘cultural Marxist’ revolutionaries of the Frankfurt School and used by their ‘foot soldiers’ in the Boomer generation, click on the Frankfurt School link in this sentence.

Rebuttal to ’Whitewash’ Report on ‘Ethics’ at the U.S. Naval Academy. Dr. Atkinson's rebuttal to the Naval Academy's 'whitewash' report (by Bernard Maguire, USNA class '64) on its new 'ethics' program. The debate on this New Age Leadership program has finally gone PUBLIC. It has been raging in private and on the Internet as part of the larger 'culture war' in America. Academy alumni and other interested parties have engaged in this heated debate over the direction being taken under the Clinton administration's 'enlightened vision' of how to educate our nation's core combat naval leadership.

All during this debate, the Navy leadership hunkered down, tried to privately stifle it, and failing that, finally went PUBLIC in the February 2000 issue of the U.S. Naval Institute 'Proceedings.' CAPT Mark N. Clemente, Chairman of the Leadership, Ethics, and Law Department at the Academy gave the Navy's official response to criticism in an article entitled, "Why we Teach Leadership and Ethics at the Naval Academy."

A widely respected retired flag-rank naval officer submitted a gentle rebuttal to Clemente's article but it has not yet seen the light of day in the 'Proceedings' in the seven months since his submittal. After months of haggling over editorial details, the submittal was withdrawn. Should we wonder why? In the meantime, Bernard Maguire, President of his alumni class, promulgated a 'whitewash' report on the new 'ethics' program on the Internet. A copy is available below. This 'whitewash' report was quickly distributed by Academy officials to its alumni worldwide on the Internet and in the Jul/Aug 2000 issue of Shipmate ... thus giving it official status of approval. The essay at this link is Dr. Gerald L. Atkinson's detailed rebuttal of Maguire's fatally flawed report. Read this rebuttal and see the obvious.

Maguire’s ‘Whitewash’ Report. The report written by Bernard Maguire, President of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni class of 1964, dated 5/11/00, is presented here in its entirety as it appeared on the Internet in a widely distributed e-mail message. The report is entitled, “Evaluation of NE-203: Third Class Ethics Course.” The report is his evaluation of the new ‘ethics’ course, “Ethics and Moral Reasoning for the Naval Leader,” at the Academy. A summary of this report was published in the Jul/Aug 2000 issue of Shipmate, the USNA’s official alumni magazine, thus giving it ‘official status.’

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