AmbGun Montage: Every Clip has a Purpose

Every clip has a purpose in this Ambidextral Gunfighter Run 'n Gun montage.
Ambidextrous optimized use of cover.Misuse of coverBalance for divingOne handed to deal with obstaclesLeft and right transitionsPaintball Roots - BunkeringBunkeringOne handed to handle baseball slideTunnel visionTransitionSnap Shooting From CoverGun flat for diving into cover Respiratory PauseDiving into coverRice Paddy prone, squattingHVTBalance for one handed rifleSteelRespiratory pause, reset SteelMuzzle flash in low lightThumbs Forward on MicroBoth eyes openBullpup TransitionFor the r-Selected KarensHip and Extended Point ShootingRide the 45-70 RecoilBalance for one hand climbingBalance for climbing a ladder.Data on Personal EquipmentOptic vs bore axisLeft hand, sub-compactBehind Every Blade of GrassRDB Bolt ReleaseHostage DrillAiming Thru CoverBalance for one handed rifle dragJasperBackpack CarbineLeft hand point to right hand sightedAQT left and rightFree range VickiRespiratory PauseGun up thru coverErgo bolt releaseCommunicateLeft Hand Hip to Extended Point ShootingCoordinateAK Tech SightsAR mag changeWyoming, lower cortisol levelsMDR bolt release ergosMDR rapid fireAR mag change (beep is MDR time)Airsoft for backyard ambi point shootingPaintball airfield ambidextrous lessonsAmbidextral Gunfighter Proving GroundsOffhand Squared UpAQT sitting stageWolverines!Music by Imperial Age
Firearms in order of appearance:KelTec RDBDesert Tech MDRBCM RECCEKelTec P17Springfield Armory HellcatMossberg MC1scMarlin Guide GunKelTec SU16cArsenal AK47 with Tech Sights