Ambidextral Investing

Why an "Investing" section on the Ambidextral Gunfighter website?

1. The better your can preserve and expand your wealth, the more guns, ammo, and training your can buy.

2. Once you understand the "Socionomic Theory" your ability to anticipate cultural trends will help you avoid getting caught up in the foibles of the herd...a significant strategic advantage in multiple domains.

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History's Hidden Engine

From Peak Oil to Peak Glut

Coronavirus: Opportunities in the Chaos

The Socionomic Theory of Finance
If you have a decent retirement portfolio, this book is essential. Inoculate yourself against the herd. Not exactly the cheapest book, but $50 is nothing when compared to the loses you will suffer if you are unaware of the theory. If you think "the news" moves markets, this book will challenge that perspective and possibly help to preserve and expand your wealth. There are 18 chapters in this lengthy book that are essential (listed in the introduction) so you can save some time when first exploring the Socionomic hypothesis.
Elliott Wave Principle
Read for free online. This a more technical book, but okay for those who are averse to dropping $50 for book above. Better yet, give this one a look while you wait for the hard copy of the above book.
The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the New Science of Socionomics
Excellent book and you might find a used copy to save $'s, but only if you just cannot stomach $50 for the book at the top of this list.
Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture: How Social Mood Shapes Trends From Film to Fashion (Socionomics-The Science of History and Social Prediction Book 4)